Win: A Salomon Assassin Snowboard

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While there is technically a few more days of summer, I think we can agree that it feels like fall and we care about snowboarding again. And what better way to usher in the excitement than giving something away! Our friends at Salomon have an Assassin snowboard burning a hole in their warehouse and they were like, “Yobeat, give this to someone who needs it.” And we’re all like, but how will we be able to tell if they need it? We were gonna have you send in a screen shot of your bank account balance, but we worried about privacy and ya know, cheating so instead let’s do this the old fashioned way. Leave a comment below with your REAL EMAIL ADDRESS saying why you need this board. We want some real sob stories here people, so make our hearts bleed and a brand new snowboard could be arriving at your house.


About the Assassin:

Wolle Nyvelt and Taka Nakai take no prisoners with the Assassin strapped to their feet. A cross between our most progressive powder and freestyle board constructions, featuring ABC Green Roll, EQ Rad, Rock Out Camber, and Popster Booster, in one ride-anything package. The Assassin is built with an arsenal of technology for destruction of anything in its path. One board to rule them all.

More info:


And the winner is… Jeremy Wilson. Comment #51, chosen not just by us, but by you, for hitting thumbs up more than thumbs down. Enjoy your new shred stick, Jeremy!

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  1. Mike Green
    Mike Green says:

    Dear YoBeat,

    As you can see by reading this post, I desperately need a new shred stick. Two years ago I purchased the Bataleon Airobic and have completely destroyed it. After riding a total of 40 mountain days last year at the one and only, Carinthia Parks @ MountSnow and a handful of street days, my board has surely taken a beating. I basically assassinated my Airobic and believe that this Saloman Assassin can handle the beating I am going to give it.

    I am a very poor and helpless college student here at UCONN and want you guys to reach deep, deep, deeeeeeeeeep, down into your hearts and consider me for this beautiful piece of (ASS)assin.

    ps. you guys featured me in your #yogrammies contest where I was on my beloved Airobic, but hopefully she will be put in her final resting place.

  2. The Assassin
    The Assassin says:

    Because I’m a fucking assassin and I need this board to slay teleskiers and breed kittens. The world needs less teleskiers and more kittens, duh!

  3. Eeyore
    Eeyore says:

    YoBeat, I need this board because- I’m getting real sick of riding my local ski swap, 75 dollar, 2006 K2 fuse while all my friends come down with brand new shred sticks every year… Don’t have a job, or allowance, or a grandmother to sneak me 50 bucks every time she comes over. I’m a broke as shit high school kid with not a penny in my pocket, and a rip in all my snow gear. Some might say I don’t NEED this board… But I can honestly say I really fuckin’ want it. Giving me this board would be like sitting with the weird kid at lunch, so feel free to make my year. This board could be my ticket to a great season and plenty of snow hoe’s. You guys are the shit, much love.

  4. James Franco
    James Franco says:

    Yobeat, I need this board well because I can’t open my eyes and well… I BOMBED the Oscars and I need a new profession that’s not painting/suckin at jokes!

  5. Dan
    Dan says:

    Yobeat should take a look at my student account. It looks like I’m rich but it’s 100% pile-up of student loans sitting there I have to pay back…

    Fuck this contest it just makes people beg and is sponsored by Salomon.

  6. Tanner Hall
    Tanner Hall says:


  7. Lil 'Bud'dha
    Lil 'Bud'dha says:

    Yo i spent most of my money on green, i need a hook up. This is why people get sponsored right? I’ll send yobeat a 1/8th as well if i win.

  8. Hockeyhelmet
    Hockeyhelmet says:

    I cut my fingers off in some bullshit machinery. I’m jobless. My girl left me. I’m riding a piece of shit vitiman water board(they made a board, it blows exactly what you thought. ) that is oversized and directional.. This is my last deck, i cant look at this horrendous plank of wood any longer. It is a disgrace to the snowboard industry and has brought dishonor to my name. give me vengeance, save this Midwestern kid before winter comes, so once again I can assassinate anything insight. All I got is snowboarding. I hope that story got deep enough in your pantyhose to touch your heart.

  9. Jah Eerie
    Jah Eerie says:

    Yo Yobeat,

    Ever since I went out on a limb for yez with that Energy drink rant, things done changed.
    Turns out the Redbull/Monster brigade couldn’t handle the truth & I’ve been in the crosshairs of the corporate goons ever since.

    Ironically an ASSASSIN is exactly what I need – without it, I may well perish.

    So in summation, you owe me.
    The end


  10. kylerdewd
    kylerdewd says:

    I broke my deck and wasn’t planning on riding since all my money has been spent on blow and weed tickets. my mother doesn’t love me. my cat overdosed last weekend.

  11. Mondo
    Mondo says:

    Brook.. Hook
    A homie up. Just had a baby. Live in Seattle.
    Think about how cheap the shipping would be.. Or I’ll drive down. Either way its a win win. Well for me

  12. Mondo
    Mondo says:

    Brook.. Hook A homie up. Just had a baby. Live in Seattle. Think about how cheap the shipping would be.. Or I’ll drive down. Either way its a win win. Well for me

  13. Some Guy
    Some Guy says:

    At the end of the season last year my “friends” thought it would be a good idea to sacrifice a snowboard to Ullar to ensure a good snow year the following season. Because mine was beat to hell and I “needed a new one anyways, stop crying you little bitch” mine was volunteered bindings and all. Moved from the deep pow Kootenees to a shit apartment in Vancouver and I’m debating weather or not it’s going to be worth getting a new board, a pass for Seymour and having no money. Getting a free deck would probably help. Or not, whatever.

  14. Phil
    Phil says:

    Yobeat, I had a knee surgery last October and unfortunately, I’m having another one next week. Even tho we get ”free health care” In Québec, I’d have to wait about 2 years to get it in the public system. In order to waste less precious riding time I have to go private and it’s crazy expensive. I will probably miss this another season and that’s why you should give the board to someone else. To that person who will win the board: think about those riders stucked on their couch all winter and ride it like there’s no tomorrow.

  15. Rapgamekatyperry
    Rapgamekatyperry says:

    Yobeat should give me the board so I can still blow lines, drink Molly water, and smoke dabs. It even matches with my new longboard

  16. Samuel Speck
    Samuel Speck says:

    Dear Yobeat… I have been struggling with snowsports for the last few years. 2010 was rough after having a board stolen and having to scrounge the money to buy a new one for 2011, which broke in week three of the season. For the rest of 2011 and 2012 season I was forced to SKI because that was all I could get my hands on for a limited amount of funds. Then last year a friend saved me by giving me a DC Josh Howell PBJ board for free, still in the wrapper and everything. I was loving this board, learning new tricks on the daily and then on my 15th day out last season, it was stolen from my tiny home mountain when I left my poor baby alone for ten minutes to talk to an old guy about the school we both went to… The worst part is, it was 15 minutes before the lifts shit off, meaning all of the prep schools and New Yorkers who make up my mountain’s population had left, so my board had to have been taken by someone local. Please Yobeat, hook me up! I just want to get back on the slopes! P.S. if I win this I’ll invest in a snowboard lock 😉

  17. Samuel Speck
    Samuel Speck says:

    Dear Yobeat… I have been struggling with snowsports for the last few years. 2010 was rough after having a board stolen and having to scrounge the money to buy a new one for 2011, which broke in week three of the season. For the rest of 2011 and 2012 season I was forced to SKI because that was all I could get my hands on for a limited amount of funds. Then last year a friend saved me by giving me a DC Josh Howell PBJ board for free, still in the wrapper and everything. I was loving this board, learning new tricks on the daily and then on my 15th day out last season, it was stolen from my tiny home mountain when I left my poor baby alone for ten minutes to talk to an old guy about the school we both went to… The worst part is, it was 15 minutes before the lifts shit off, meaning all of the prep schools and New Yorkers who make up my mountain’s population had left, so my board had to have been taken by a local.

  18. No, I'm The Assassin
    No, I'm The Assassin says:

    First up, this board should be called the Badassassin, cos right now it sounds like a board for a couple of donkeys. That’s a pretty good point I just made, so you should probably give it to me for that alone. Also, I’m fairly broke (yeah yeah, who isn’t – what I mean is, after burning all my cash on Shaun Blanco outfits I’ve got nadda left for any actual gear). Plus, I’ve run out of space for all my stickers (including this sweet Yobeat one that needs a home). I think also that giving me this board might, in some small way, contribute to peace in the Middle East and free healthcare and all the other stuff the US can’t quite get right at the moment. I rest my case.

  19. Shaun White
    Shaun White says:

    I mainly ride half pipe n boxes. So you could say im pretty good.
    if you hook me up, I will for sure bomb this board up with burton and oakly logos
    I enjoy long walks to target. (I have a sick clothing line there).

    Selling out
    That one movie I was in

    Cha boi coops needs a board for real

  20. Dingleberry
    Dingleberry says:

    Dear Salomon,

    I don’t need your ski company produced ski board, I have snowboard company made snowboards. If I win I will sell it and by something from a snowboarding company. Thank you & good day.

  21. Lewd
    Lewd says:

    I need this board so girls can watch me while I snowboard. I ride much better when girls are watching. I am also rather lonely, after abusing Roxanne (my Nitro Rook) to the point that she ain’t got no pop anymore. Please help me cure my loneliness.

  22. JMB
    JMB says:

    Because K2’s 5 year ‘Bambooyah’ warranty is bambullshit.

    I guess unlike this guy (In the video) and you actually ride your board and it cracks under the binding, its not available for warranty because you hit rails on it.

    Of course I hit fucking rails on it, you advertise how sweet my edit WON’T be unless I do that…. #gangsigns

  23. railridersandropetows
    railridersandropetows says:

    I ride at a dryslope twice a week all year round and pretty much only hit rails. Firstly I broke my ride kink’s edge so badly coming out early of a rail that the whole core rotted and the entire edge fell out then I broke and repaired two different edges on my next board then snapped the nose in half and now im riding my friends old board that had been snapped but not all the way through on the nose and tail before i even got it and since this I broke the nose open and had to clamp and araldite glue it back together and it had like a gasilion base gouges from building wall rides out of old crates and stuff and just hitting rails on dryslope for hours on end. really need a new board heading into this season as by the time winter comes the old already multiple times snapped board will likely be unridable. if you don’t believe me I can send in photographic proof of all these board ive gone through since January 2012

  24. prestoned
    prestoned says:

    Moving out to Tahoe on my last dime! Need a fresh pow hunter to assassinate anything in sight, a board that follow me into the mists of Avalon and slay some roosters

  25. andi
    andi says:

    well if you would take a look at my bank account you would send me some money too i guess haha.. but yeah, broke my völkl vice last winter, lost my job, got a new one in a laundry (yes, thats true -.-) and my old car from 1998 isnt making it through the winter anymore i guess… but hey, thats life, i just dont know how to get all that shit together with almost no money, but as long as im able to ride a few lines i can escape from all that bullshit for some moments… so yeah, thats my story, sounds made up maybe but thats just how it is… would be a great help to get the board tho, at least one thing less to worry.. ok i’ll just leave it here.. thx guys.. sry for the english, i’m from the alps

  26. Jared Harding
    Jared Harding says:

    Yo Beat,

    I have owned the ROME Arifact 1985 and the K2 Turbo Dream for 2 seasons with a total of 70 days on each, the majority of those days spent at lovely Stevens Pass, WA. As you can imagine, that is 70 days of gapers and plankers skooching too far forward in lift lines and straight funking up boards. It is always two season ultra-shredding from the deepest pow days to rails and jibs. My sticks are messed up and I can’t afford a new one. If I don’t get this, I will still ride my heart out this season, unless of course both my sticks crap out and die completely.


  27. danthebrokeman
    danthebrokeman says:

    Dear yobeat,
    I really need this snowboard because I had to sell the one I had to pay rent, which means no riding for me for a while. I do have boots but they smell like shit so toss in some of those if you can too.

  28. Max
    Max says:

    I’m not gonna lie I have lots of money in my bank account but it’s because I work hard. I work 6 smelly days a week at the landill and it sucks. I’m too cheap to buy a new board because real esate prices in my area are stupid high. I’ve been riding a rome artifact rocker from 5 seasons ago which has gotten way to soft and worn. I recently moved out and have been eating beans and rice for a month. Not the best story but who cares.

  29. asnowbum
    asnowbum says:

    Yobeat. I’m broke and my board is broke in half.
    I went through 3 decks last season and am sitting with an empty quiver to battle the coming winter.
    I live in Breck and have been trying to save up for a new stick all summer.
    But surviving, rent, a shitty car and student loans say “No board for you!”
    so please help me out, or else ill be looking for some craigslist special come November.
    I promise it will be put to good use!

  30. Kev
    Kev says:

    so this is my story:
    Came down to Tahoe with a deck that hardly has an edge, the nose has been partially cut off and re-sealed with epoxy, my base isn’t even really a base anymore. long story short, the deck can hardly ride. not to mention, i got it 4 years ago. all i’m looking to do this season is hike around the backcountry here, mash some pow and i want to be able to hit some park come spring. that would be most excellent!

  31. Cheddar Shreddar
    Cheddar Shreddar says:

    Sup yobeat,
    I’m gunna give this to you straight. I’m 19, finally done highschool (FINALLY) and looking at what might be my last year before “growing up” and “shipping out” as my folks put it. I’ve been working like a dogg all summer and hustln’ hard to fund my way out to whistler for a week or two this winter to see some legit 100% Poowddderrr . Being an east coast guy, this is a THE trip… maybe even the pinnacle of my life so far. Soooooo you might ask, why does this well spoken studious individual need a nice new salomon snowboard? Well I’ll tell you why yobeat!! I’m a guy medium stature; 6 foot, 170lbs with an extremely irrelevant 72 inch wingspan. No issues there, I could make a great boxer… (hypothetically) but real problem lies in the fact I ride a 148. Sure my 148 is tiny, but in the park ? No problem! On the groomers? No problem! During the first and only powder day every season? Not a chance! This can only lead me to the conclusion that in the land of powder (whistler) I will sink and probably die a slow death. In conclusion this is getting kinda long (haha) so hopefully you folks can help me out with the dream pow trip.

  32. Drew
    Drew says:


    *Cue sarah mcgloughlin arm of the angles*I deserve this board because I work for everything I have. Beleive it or not I am not, from Breckenridge and trying to get a free board because mommy won’t let me get me one. I work in a shop in new jersey and have never ridden real west coast style foot deep powder. This year i saved up enough money to go to Bachelor after a year of work. Also, my parents are getting a divorce as of sunday and we are going to be experiencing money issues soon. Thanks for the read.


  33. GBGang
    GBGang says:

    5 years ago I bought a Burton Seven as my first snowboard and 3 years ago I tried to disaster front board a street kink, and it snapped right in half, I got a board from Play-It-Again sports and that board lasted my 2 years until yet again I snapped a board trying to disaster a rail, now I have no board, and $30 to my name, please YoBeat help me out, Peace and Love!

  34. GBGang
    GBGang says:

    Whats up yobeat, I’m 17 years old, with no job, no snowbaord, and very little money 5 years ago I bought a Burton Seven as my first snowboard and 3 years ago I tried to disaster front board a street kink, and it snapped right in half, I got a board from Play-It-Again sports and that board lasted my 2 years until yet again I snapped a board trying to disaster a rail, now I have no board, and $30 to my name, please YoBeat help me out, Peace and Love!

  35. Jameson
    Jameson says:

    I need this board because i have been busting my hind all summer long so i could afford to get an apartment at mount snow (carinthia) and now realize my k2 www is on its last leg with numerous cracks in the side wall and edge, also rides like a noodle after 2 seasons of riding 4-5 days a week. I am pretty broke because of that and will not be able to get a new board. I figured riding everyday was better than getting all new gear. Which I think is a no brainer, who wouldn’t want to ride everyday, especially at carinthia. A sacrifice I was willing too take, so i could ride the whole winter. I will ride this deck every day like i assassinated someone for it!! I will make sure salomon will not be disappointed, slay this board so hard through the park and through the powder on them rare east coast powder days. I m not one of those a-hole type of people who are too good for anyone else and ride the park with a stick in their hind, i will tell everyone how much i love the board and how awsome it rides!!! HOOK ME UP??

  36. Forest Fire
    Forest Fire says:

    Whats up YoBeat, I’m an 18 year old east coast rider with no money, and no board, my current board is a 2008 Burton Custom 144, now that board was perfect for me back when I was 13, but now that I’m older, and taller, and i weigh more, I barely make the landing on kickers, and ride slow as hell on anything groomed, or ungroomed, I need a new board badly, like I’m desperate, I have no job, and no money to my name! help me out yobeat!

  37. hue
    hue says:

    I gave Brooke a rimjob in exchange for a yobeat t-shirt. She never gave me the t-shirt. I deserve the board, but a board will never undo the emotional trauma I experienced

  38. bdawg
    bdawg says:

    I need this board because i need to be as good as Hans Mindnich, and he rides this board. He is an absolute BAUS and assassin of style. Plz yobeat, help me be as good as he is.

  39. DAN
    DAN says:

    So Last season i managed to break my old park pickle, my 2013 DC PBJ (waste of $) and a 2013 burton parkitect. now i got no more $ cuz im in college now and as you know us college kids are some poor mofos. So if you could hook me up that would be fckin cool.

  40. the homie
    the homie says:

    So two years ago I made the mistake of buying a camber Forum Holy Moly for $500. I’m from 7Springs PA so as you can guess I have core shots out the ass. To be able to save the condition of this relic (and potentially sell it for millions of dollars in the future) I’m gonna need something new to ride. If you pick me to get the board then MAYBE I’ll give you a cut of the millions of green I’ll be making off my current whip. Thanks and keep hatin’.

  41. Ski Bus $WAG
    Ski Bus $WAG says:

    I need this bcuz the graphic on my current board is super lame and this one would totally match my bindings.

  42. Mitch
    Mitch says:

    I’m a gay black jewish broke college kid. This board will help in the fight against homophobic prejudice rich people.

  43. bret
    bret says:

    please give me this board because I havent gotten a board that was unused in 2 years, every time it snows I can never keep up with my friends- have to skate like a bitch in the flats, and i never look like one of the cool kids cause i dont have new shit.

  44. Jeremy Wilson
    Jeremy Wilson says:


    Here’s my story hopefully it’s heart wrenching enough to win.

    Over the last couple of years I have had some tragedies in my family: 1) my dad passed away ( Liver failure) and my twin brother was wrongfully convicted and sent to prison for 10+ years. I have to drive 8hrs just to visit him. My brothers wife and 3 kids (12 yr old and 2 16 yr olds) now live with me and my wife. So in a house with 1800 sq ft my wife and occupy a small room downstairs while the rest occupy the majority of the home. I get a little financial help from my sister in law but not much because of her low paying job and what it take to provide for the 3 kids. My wife and I are grateful to share the house so don’t get me wrong its just we bought the house for us to build our life not to have an instant family move in. It is what it is and I love them. It seems like they will live with us indefinitely too. I had to sell my car (Subaru GL) to get enough money for the down payment. She was my mountain car and I miss having her. For now I drive my wife’s Honda. Plus I take my wife to work (into downtown Portland) then go to work myself in Beaverton). Since we didn’t have a large enough down payment we had to go through FHA which was the only way left for us. Since it’s through FHA they added $600 PMI payment to the monthly payment. I’d like to add she gets a ride some times from her co workers to and from work which helps. I ride an older Rome board and I take great care not to damage it in any way because I don’t know how I would get another. That actually applies to all my gear too. Plus I would like to hand it down to my nephew so he can board too. I feel that snowboarding would be good bonding between my nephew and I since his father isn’t around right now. I can’t afford a new or even a used board with the newly added occupants to my house. I have a change jar that is for my “new snowboard” fund plus I take recyclables back for there deposit to help out the change jar. I look for other Win whatever contests to get other gear I could really use. Right now I would like a camera to record my runs on the slopes so I’ve been entering GoPro’s Everything We Make giveaway everyday to hopefully for go the expense of a good quality camera. As of right now I use the camera on my cell which I have to hold in my hand. Needless to say its not the greatest footage because of poor stability. I am definitely some one who could use a new board. I hope you pick me to win and thank you for reading my story.

  45. Your Everyday Badass
    Your Everyday Badass says:

    Last year my board was stolen while I was using the restroom in the lodge, so after a few days of sulking I made a trip to my local shop and told them what happened. They gave me like a 15% discount if I bought a board from them so I figure, why not? I had an old pair of bindings and I set up my new board and took it out for a spin, on my third or fourth lap in the park I snapped the board between my feet. I haven’t boarded since that day and I don’t have enough money saved up for a new board, so I’d be forever blessed to win this board. Thanks

  46. Debt Shred
    Debt Shred says:

    I’m so poor I can’t even afford putting gloves on lay away…

    Poor student dreaming of riding, but doing homework and dreaming of winter.

  47. weedeveryday
    weedeveryday says:

    yobeat, my munies all go to weeds, and season pass, i has no good board caz i spend it all on weeds. care to care?

  48. Doop
    Doop says:

    Nothing else gives me the freedom of a snowboard. I’m flat footed, grew up way overweight, and extremely uncoordinated with this weird leg that sticks way out to the side, but none of that matters when I’m strapped in. I’ll never be pro, but if I could somehow make this part of my life for the rest of my life, I’d be happy.

  49. Micropenis
    Micropenis says:

    Brooke, Stan, Oliver, Hanzu, and to the rest of whoever the hell is on the Yobeat staff:

    Let me tell you a story about my penis. Yes, a story about my penis. There is a term for the type of penis I have. It is a medical term. Micropenis. Yes, my penis is extremely small. I am Asian, and my penis is tiny. I’m embarrassed to nail girls because I am afraid that they would laugh at my small dick. My uncircumsized penis looks like a prematurely born anteater when flaccid.

    Here is a wikipedia link to further explain this small penis phenomena:

    Snowboarding is a gateway for me to pretend like my penis is at least normally sized. I am an average hesh-wannabe snowboarder, so maybe my snowboarding could play off the fact that my penis is average as well. I can’t spin well so I try to look at stylish as possible on tweaked straight air grabs. I like liplides more than pretzels, and fast carving gets my adrenaline pumping.

    On the last week of the season, party boarding with the homies who all probably have bigger cocks than me was rampant, and bombing hills in a giant mob took place. I accidentally clipped some kid, and somehow stuck my board onto an erected “slow” sign awkwardly, and crunched my board. I rode the rest of the season on a delam’d snowboard. I now desperately need a new snowboard.

    Before summer began, I quit my full time career job in export. I hated it. My penis felt as tiny as can be. I couldn’t do the things I loved and wanted to do, and I couldn’t pursue my true career passion, which is a career as a copywriter in an ad agency. Most of all, I couldn’t snowboard as much. After quitting, I had to resort to working at minimum wage job, and now I’m afraid I won’t be able to afford to get up to the mountain as much this season due to undersized gas funds due to the need of buying another damned snowboard. At least I don’t regret quitting. This means that my only outlet of pretending like I have a decent sized cock will be lengthily shortened even further, which is devastating to not only me, but to my penis.

    If I win the Salomon Assassin snowboard, I would be forever grateful towards Yobeat. Not only for letting me be able to snowboard maybe just a few more times this season, but for saving what’s left of my dignity.

    See you on the slopes.

    Me and my penis.

  50. David Bakh
    David Bakh says:

    if I sent you a picture to your guys email you will know why I need this board. I have to sell my phone and tv just so I can get a pass for this year. With zero money for a new pair of gloves and my goggles got jacked last year at skibowl.. Kind of a shitty year going into another shitty one. Still riding though. This would honestly really help me out and I’d put this bad boy to good use. Please help.

  51. Kyle Gibson
    Kyle Gibson says:

    Dear Yobeat,
    I’m so poor I had to switch to skiing.
    Please yobeat, please help my miserable life!
    Your truly,

  52. Loveland Local
    Loveland Local says:

    I don’t even have a bank account, that’s how broke I am. No joke. I work as a snowboard instructor at Loveland Ski Area, and rely on my snowboard to pay the bills. I spend damn near everything I make on gas, rent, groceries so I can continue to live my dream as a snowboard bum. I work nights at a restaurant to make ends meet since instructing isn’t exactly a reliable way to make money.

    That being said, I don’t deserve this board more than any one else, any one who shreds on the regular for the right reasons deserves this board. But, it would be pretty sweet if I won it, if only so I can use my old board as a beater instructing board that can get banged up in the lift line and by my clients.

    I work hard, and ride hard; but to do so, I sacrifice money, and many luxuries because I LOVE living in the mountains and snowboarding and can’t see myself doing anything else. Even with two college degrees (one in earth science education and the other in media production), I can’t leave the mountains and the lifestyle I love. A hook up would be sweet. Thanks guys.

  53. Penta-gang
    Penta-gang says:

    This is time in eighth grade i tricked the homeless guy i bought weed from into walking through traffic. When he got hit by a cement truck, i just rode away on my bike

  54. IDP
    IDP says:

    I really need this shredstick because I have no money after paying off legal fees because I drank a jar of moonshine and crashed my car into a farm stand (from vt if that explains it). Was moving out to AK in order to shred but now with no car/money i’ve had to move in with my parents and had to sell my gear in order to pay legal fees… I did the crime and the time now I’m trying to make it out to Colorado this season to work/ride and could really use some good karma and a decent board.

  55. upandcommingslopestylechamp
    upandcommingslopestylechamp says:

    bro i need this board im working on triples in to air bags i promise I’ve won more contest then anyone else trying to get this board

  56. onelove
    onelove says:

    I thought the only way to be cool would be to have yobeat shirts, yobeat 5 panels, and yobeat coaches jackets. Now that I have cool shit (shouts out to hood on the bottom of my 5 panel), my season pass is about to make me broke. Hook a white boy up with a sick new board so i can rip those pow stashes and make the keystone downrail my bitch this upcoming season.

  57. Reality101
    Reality101 says:

    Please give me that snowboard. I had over a 100 + snowboards, I gave over 80% of them away or sold at same cost I bought them for. I am no Donald Trump but I greatly enjoy giving snowboards to people, if you give me that 1, I’ll give away 3 snowboards. The boards are in excellent shape, all from 2012 production year. I gave away a mint condition 2006 Salomon Forecast last Monday for friend in dire need. Salomon out, Salomon in, help me help others. Thanks. There are some sadder tales above but mine is to help more people.

  58. The Skinny Rick Ross
    The Skinny Rick Ross says:

    Give me dat cotdamn board before I fuck yo bitch that’s tip toeing across my marble floors.

  59. alahu mr #swag
    alahu mr #swag says:

    i spent my moneys looking for sex, msg me if you wnt sex, also alahu give you free slurpy if you come into 711 #swag mssg me for young girl sex, pm me asl

  60. Cory
    Cory says:

    I broke the tail off my board last season, don’t have the money for a new board this year because i’m paying for my college tuition. I’d be so stoked if you could hook it up. One love

  61. fuck ski companies
    fuck ski companies says:

    so in 73 comments, only @dingleberry stated that this is actually a ski company and he doesn’t want their board. damn straight. fuck a ski company, made in china ball crap product. support a proper snowboarding brand yobeat. fuck salomon.

  62. Jabz
    Jabz says:

    I broke the shit outta my snowboard and hurt my back badly couldn’t ride the rest of the year but not because of my injury, because I’m to poor to afford a new snowboard. You can email me at [email protected] (seriously) I am desperate I really wanna shred, everyday I woke up and cried so hard I would pass out from severe dehydration for not being able to ride even when the my hill was open, and before I knew it It was over and too late for me to ride. I was heartbroken and my friends started calling me poor and a loser because they said they would salt my wound because I broke my board on a nollie bs lip hard way 2 out of the DfD. I need it Yobeat I need it.

  63. Cody Taylor
    Cody Taylor says:

    Last season i took a chance and spent all of my savings to move out to colorado from my home town in pa. I had a barley used capita outdoor living that i got for a christmas present from santa claus ( my mother). I got to colorado was riding for a week and someone stole my board! 1 week i had the board and it got stolen! so i sat in my house for the whole winter and pissed away all of the fresh powder ive barley ever even gotten to ride on because im from the east coast! Im asking for your help in getting me into the powder so i can experience the heart of snowboarding! Help me chase my dreams…..

  64. Brando
    Brando says:

    “Sexual dreams can indicate that our body needs sexual release. Snowboards dreams can indicate that our body needs boardslide release”.

    I was brought up in an extremely conservative home. My parents wouldn’t buy me soaps so I soaked my vans in oil and slid the local ledges until dark. I first boarded with my teenage girlfriend so that was really nostalgic. Unfortunately, she drove away to Canada with my boards and my heart and now I hide behind the tears of failure. I need to board again and forget about why I am so so sad. I need release and closure yobeat. I need to release my built up sadness energy all over the snow again. I’ll do a 720 first try, I promise.

    Thank you

  65. Nathan
    Nathan says:

    Yo… YoBeat,

    I don’t really ‘need’ a new board. I mean I’ll already have 2 decks in rotation for next season. A few seasons old, but nothing to complain about. If I do win this board I’m not even sure how often it would get ridden this season. I really like my other 2. The thing is, I really want this board because I’ve never won anything in my whole life. Truth. I also just broke up with this girl a couple months ago and haven’t had so much as a sniff of vagina since then. This is shaping up to be the second worst cold streak of my life… and not ‘cold’ in a good snowy way. Winning this board could really jump start my mojo. I can already picture myself banging a sexy snow bunny in a hot tub with this board leaning up in the background. So come on YoBeat, help turn this losing franchise around… I want to win. I want to get laid in a hot tub!

    Always all the best,


  66. alex
    alex says:

    i am poor bulgarian currently using “promo” board from some mobile operator and i need new stuff to progress in riding 🙂

  67. The Surly Investor
    The Surly Investor says:

    I can’t stop making bad investments. When Shorty’s skateboards promptly joined and left snowboarding, I had my allowance tied into that. Then, I bet my money that those Harry Potter novels would never amount to anything…well, I’ve never read them, but it was a bad bet and it almost sunk me.

    Also, I keep betting against Nyjah Huston at Street League. This strategy is rarely paying off for me. Nyjah winning is almost a sure thing, like death or waffles. Also, I’ve got a bunch of money tied up in Blackberry (RIM) stocks. Even if I take out the money, I won’t be able to buy a snowboard with the way the stocks are dropping, plus I just bought a bunch of pre-order CD’s of Bad Things in hopes they will be collector’s edition one day. The problem is that CD’s aren’t actually collectible and the band name is going to make it very easy for critics to rip it apart… i.e. “Bad Things is exactly what the name implies. It was every bit as enjoyable as the time I tossed the Rolling Stone magazine with Bad Things’ guitarist in the recycling bin, never to see his X games claiming face again until now”.

    Please yob eat, help me out of this rut!

  68. Happiest/Most Scared Guy On The Planet
    Happiest/Most Scared Guy On The Planet says:

    I need this board because my seductively beautiful, Asian, kinky dominatrix, highly volatile/edgy & bipolar at times, hot as hell girlfriend just informed me that if you don’t send her the board, she’s going to slowly detach my penis off my body with a white plastic picnic knife & then shishkabob it with chopsticks & stick it up you don’t want to know where…, :oO
    She has me tied up & I’ve had to text this on my phone with my nose, so please, please help a brother out, PLEEEEAASE?! For the love of God & what’s left of “mankind”, before it’s too late & it’s gone & she sticks the gag back in my mouth…,

  69. Aaron Currie
    Aaron Currie says:

    Yo Yobeat

    It was a cold winter day with a light dusting of snow there I was ready to drop in and attempt a tame dog, I was ready my board was ready did I pull it off, NO I smashed the board 90 degrees into the ground, the board was never the same after that it was the straw that finally broke the camels back. SO therefore I think I really deserve this board as have been using rental boards for the last 2 years and that’s enough to give any one serious depression. I’m heading off to Snowbombing in Austria and it is going to be so hectic but I just can’t handle another season on a rental.

  70. Kyle Gibson
    Kyle Gibson says:

    Dear Yobeat,
    I’m so poor, I’m going to have to switch to skiing.
    Please, for the love of god, help my pathetic life.

  71. $3.19 in my bank accout
    $3.19 in my bank accout says:

    Dear YoBeat Magistrates,

    All my life I have had winter sports going which has prevented me from ever gracing the side of a mountain with a snowboard. Now that I am out of school and trying to enjoy life there is a void in my heart that only snowboarding can fill. I am new to the snowboarding world, but I already have a plethora of knowledge about it because the culture has engulfed me! All I need now is the physical experience of snowboarding so I can feel the ecstatic grace of it. I am a lowly college freshman and as my name suggest I only have $3.19 in my bank account so I would have to be that guy and bum someone’s old snowboard and nobody wants to be that guy. I feel that if I do not receive this board I will just have to ask Ma and Pa for a longboard and we all know where that stands …

    With much love and anticipation,

    $3.19 in my bank accout

  72. Jeenyus
    Jeenyus says:

    I just got diagnosed with cancer and have too many medical bills to pay to purchase a new snowboard. my old board got thieved by some youths at the resort. I’ve now decided to use my exceptional chemistry skills to cook meth. In the process of cooking meth i’ve killed people and lost my family.

  73. chandler
    chandler says:

    god damnit. one of you cunts went through and just thumbed down everyone’s comments. ACTUALLY TWO OF YOU DID.

  74. Random Longboarder
    Random Longboarder says:

    I feel I deserve this board because I am a longboarder, which is essentially snowboarding on asphalt.

  75. Samurai Fish
    Samurai Fish says:

    What tha fuck iz up playa!

    Hoes know mah name up in Taiwan. I aint talkin’ bout chicken n’ gravy biatch. I aint gots no snowboard n’ we don’t git a shitload of snow. But I wanna snowboard real bad. Y’all KNOW dat shit, muthafucka! Therez dis mountain called Snow Mountian (雪山). It getz some snow up in tha winter n’ shit. If you bust me a thugged-out deck I go shred dat peak like a Tupac outta hell. I be bout ta film it n’ bust you a vizzle yo. Hell I don’t even know if mah playas has riden dat shit. I could git some first decent action. I aint talkin’ bout chicken n’ gravy biatch fo’ realz. After dat I be bout ta head over ta Japan n’ git mah ride on there, so peek-a-boo, clear tha way, I be comin’ thru fo’sho. I be bout ta bust you a shitload of dat Asian shreddin footage. It’ll be dope. Trust mah dirty ass. I’d do it… buy a funky-ass board; but I aint gots a shitload of scrilla n’ tha cost of shippin dat shiznit here will probably keep me from goin ta Japan. I aint talkin’ bout chicken n’ gravy biatch.

    Keep it real n’ bust me a funky-ass board. Y’all KNOW dat shit, muthafucka! Yo know you want to.

  76. Samuel Jackson
    Samuel Jackson says:

    Finally realizing my dream of moving out west (I live on the east coast) but with all my money tied up in the move it looks like this year will be spent shredding pow on my artifact. SO hyped either way but I would truly appreciate it if I had a real powder deck to keep me floating

  77. TheRealMileyCyrus
    TheRealMileyCyrus says:

    Y’all I need this board cuz Juicy J wont give me a scholarship for tweaking skills, Robin Thicke’s family is suing me for the mental damage I caused his children and the rest of the world, my teddy bears left me, and I’m out of molly. I aint got the funds for a new board.

  78. jake
    jake says:

    Yobeat hook me up! I fell last year handrailing and got broken off. I almost lost my leg after suffering from internal bleeding. I broke my tib-fib and tore my mcl and lcl and calf muscle. When my lcl ripped out it took a piece of my femur. I have grown up snowboarding all my life and am not giving it up. This fall will be my first time riding since last february. Help me get back out there with some confidence!

  79. O-koon
    O-koon says:

    Because i’m drunk, and love snowboarding more than anything in the world. Thats why I should be given this beautiful board.

  80. Nick
    Nick says:

    Dear Yobeat,
    My family and friends are a big part of my snowboarding, Im 15 and one of my favorite people to snowboard with is my cousin Zack. Just a few months ago he tore his ACL and might not be able to ride anytime soon. If i won the board i would give it to him to get him pumped for later this season.
    Thanks guys

  81. Mark
    Mark says:

    I was snowboarding one day and noticed a house across the street. I grabbed my board and ran inside to save a bunch of baby kittens. I left my board inside and now no longer have one. In other words a new board would be nice to shred.

  82. some jabroni
    some jabroni says:

    well i work at a small restaurant and i dont make dick, rome snowboards suck and i always break them. and cops dont like weed

  83. Ryan lambert
    Ryan lambert says:

    I don’t deserve this for myself but for my brother who had his board stolen at jay peak last season and is currently in the Air Force. He gets to come home for two weeks this winter but won’t have anything to ride because all of his money will be in plane tickets. Thanks yobeat for whatever you choose.

  84. Ryan lambert
    Ryan lambert says:

    I don’t deserve this for myself but for my brother who had his board stolen at jay peak last season and is currently in the Air Force. He gets to come home for two weeks this winter but won’t have anything to ride because all of his money will be in plane tickets.

  85. DrunkJosh.
    DrunkJosh. says:

    I hate sob stories, your sympathy is the last thing I need, coincidentally, a snowboard is the first thing I need. Long story short, one year ago I got diagnosed with diabetes, had to move from Salt Lake City back to my parents in the butthole of California because of insurance. Shortly thereafter I got into a car accident, leaving me with 2 broken vertebra, 3 broken ribs, a week long coma and I bruised ego. I finally got myself set up with enough to get back to Utah in a few weeks, but the only snowboard I have is some short flimsy rail board, and having something to ride that Utah powder with would kick ass…. Also, I got my blood tests back, turns out I’m gay. But whatever.

  86. deanjobs
    deanjobs says:

    My Salomonder that I got last season is a bit beat up. I have plenty of money but I would prefer to spend it on blow and alcohol. I’m way too busy partying and sleeping with sluts to work more hours to buy a board. At the end of the day I just want handouts while other peasants work for their shit.

  87. Drunk Josh
    Drunk Josh says:

    I hate sob stories, your sympathy is the last thing I need. Coincidentally, a snowboard is the first thing I need, so I’ll try to make this long story short. 1 year ago I was living in Salt Lake City, when i got diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. I was forced to uproot my life in Salt Lake and move in with my parents in California due to insurance conflicts… After spending my whole winter missing all of my friends, I occasionally got to go to Big Bear and ride some awesome parks. Not long after, I was in a car accident, leaving me with 2 broken vertebrae, 3 broken ribs, a bruised heart and ego and a 1 week coma, and left me without 1 car. Now just 2 weeks shy of a full year, I am feeling healthy enough to get back to Utah, saved enough money for a car, and got all my medical needs lined up. All I really need at this point is a board that could handle some Wasatch terrain, seeing as all I have right now is a short, flimsy rail oriented snowboard…. Oh, also I got my blood work back recently, turns out I’m gay… Who knew?!

  88. sean talbot
    sean talbot says:

    were to begin, i got laid off of work in april, i was denied my unemployment to get me by for the summer as i work a seasonal job the resorts here in my town, i was homeless for two months living in the forest, which if you ask me was sort of a blessing, 8 months prior to being laid off my truck was stolen and i had my rolling gear bag with all of my snowboards bindings boots etc. in it and resorted on riding on borrowed equipement .. god bless homies tho,

  89. Jim Lahey
    Jim Lahey says:

    I’ve been demoted from Trailer Park Supervisor, and my randy bobandy has left me for cheeseburger prostitution. i need this board more than the whiskey needs me.

  90. Dylan Hughart
    Dylan Hughart says:

    Dear yobeat,
    I am a poor college student in the beautiful town of Flagstaff Arizona. Knowing that in a few months I will be able to snowboard the slopes of Arizona Snowbowl is the only think keeping me going. My current board is very used and not the right size for me. Winning this board would be the best thing that has ever happened to me. Please find it in your hearts to help a stressed college student that just wants to shred. Thank you for your consideration.
    Dylan Hughart

  91. Kanny Dern
    Kanny Dern says:

    I’m saving all my money for a video camera and all the fools I film are bitch made whores who won’t let me ride their old boards. AKA Brady Lem <3

  92. Peter Carmines
    Peter Carmines says:

    Yo Yobeat. I really need this board for real. My home mountain is Wintergreen Resort, Virginia. Pretty small mountain, but we ride hard. I’m in school and don’t have a job and all my boards are broken right now. By broken, I mean all f#ck*d up! Edges split in half and all that. Lot of dirt and rocks around here. Anyways, I would ride this board hard at a dope little mountain. email me

  93. Brenden
    Brenden says:

    Hey guys,
    I’m over here in Ma. right now. Watching video parts. Trying to keep my cool by thinking of snow. Than doing my best not to think of snow cause I am in no way prepared for winter. My boot’s can make it though, but it looks like it might be only just. Other than them everything is thrashed. Torn everything, rusted/separated edges, p-tex out the ass. The only ray of hope I’m seeing so far is my 92′ Burton Air with a pair of Salomon Arcade bindings retrofitted to them, and that ray’s not that bright. My past 2 boards have been Salomon Grips, and I gotta tell yea those fuckers ripped. They were the best boards I ever owned, but one got jacked and the other owned. Anyways, this contest idea is pretty rad. And though I won’t be shredding quite as hard as Mr.Nakai here on the Ice Coast, I’d put it through the paces.
    Much love faggots

  94. tucker
    tucker says:

    Not so much a “sob” story here…but more or less a need. Quick and to the point I grew up in North Carolina. Been building and designing terrain parks for the past three years at App Terrain Park in Blowing Rock, North Carolina. Rails are the thing to do there, which don’t get me wrong, the shit is so fun. I just recently moved to the west coast living in Truckee, California. Working at Woodward at Tahoe and meeting so many pow shredders. Biggest board I have ever ridden is a 151. Hiked to the top of Alpine Meadows yesterday with some big mountain shredders and told them I road a 151 and their response was a few chuckles. As stoked as I am to “run what I brung” I am thinking a bigger shredder may make my experience a bit more enjoyable. Ive rode salomonders for a while and they are so rad. I am sure branching out to your other decks are sick. I will take this board and rep it this season at sqaw/pine. Choose wisely boys, but if your looking for someone with a need rather than a I want a new board to sale on eBay then you’ve got your homie! Thanks for the opportunity!

  95. benn mullis
    benn mullis says:

    in 2010 are house was hit by severe flooding, which pretty much destroyed my house, the water came in 6 feet through the entire first floor in about five minits,so there was no time to rescue any of the things that were downstairs, all my snowboarding stuff was ok as it wasn’t in the front room,but it took around nine months for the house to be striped and rebuilt, which took its toll[mentally,liveing in a caravan for that time in winter was pretty shitty,,
    anyway the house was finished and all was good in the world, all nice new stuff as we thought that the insurance would cover this,,as it turnd out the fuckers did not pay a penny as they said we were not covered by a act of god[nice cheers god],so we now owed shit loads of money for all this stuff we bought for the house,.as we couldn’t pay a lot of it most went back ,..,so all very basic things in the house house now,,well we just about managed to get are life’s back in order when we were hit by flooding again ,this time it rushed through the house and completely smashed everything in its path ,taking my snowboard with it,so times again are very hard,with a fuck house that we have to live in as there is nowhere else.,I know people are going to just palm this off as complete lies,but check out the dates of the flooding in Cornwall.,you will see..anyway I would love to ride any snowboard let along your free one.,,.benn

  96. Jamie Reed
    Jamie Reed says:

    A year ago I had the mistake to try snowboarding. What a bad idea, this shit is like coke and metha, weed and beer. You try and you get fuckin’ addicted! And you Salomon Snowboards! are the found guilty to gimme that board! All days here i’m thinking of “when will I go back on the snow again?” and sure “when will I could buy my own board” because snowboard rent in France is…a bit expensive. Don’t you have a heart? Can’t you see I’m losin’ my mind! Now I got to stop cos I’m late for my work!

  97. Jamie Reed
    Jamie Reed says:

    And my family been taking as hostage by a bunch of evil snowboards. Now I need one to go save ’em! That’s true!

  98. Being nice sucks
    Being nice sucks says:

    I loaned my extra board to a friend who broke his last season. Now my primary board is broken and I am even more broke than my snowboard is. If I ask my friend for my other deck back, he will become boardless because he is broke to. If I am given this board, I can steal my board back from him and have an extra deck this season in case I break mine again. Thanks for hearing me out YoBeat.

  99. Bryan
    Bryan says:

    Because I like turtles. I mean…. Teenage mutant ninja turtles!!!! the true assassins. DU DU DU DUUU DU DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU. Idk, if you pick me, y’all get cookies, you send me a board, I send you cookies?

  100. Matt Hodgins
    Matt Hodgins says:

    YoBeat, I really need this board because… actually, i worked my ass off all summer and already have money set aside for a new deck this season. But if you happen to choose me, ill be putting that toward a much-needed YoBeat online store order. Need to represent that stuff up in Ontario, Canada! Thanks Yobeat for the enjoyable giveaways!

  101. TDobbs
    TDobbs says:

    Because I work 2 full time jobs to be able to live in Colorado and do what I love, which is the shred. My Skate Banana is 5 years old, is completely sacked out, and has so much P-tex in the base that you can’t see the base graphic anymore . I have to get through the off-season so all the money I do have goes to things like eating and I live on a couch.

  102. Homeless Man Dan
    Homeless Man Dan says:

    After losing my dead end job to my god damn arch nemesis Johnny Spaghetti my life has turned into a down whirled spiral. I have been kicked out of my one bed room apartment or how should I put janitors closet and been forced to live on the streets with the rest of the A team sucking dick for change. With this snowboard i will be the most dope person on the streets and guaranteed a film part comparable to Dylan Thompson’s The Arena after two months of street assassination because I will have nothing better to do. Feed the Needy!

  103. Jamie
    Jamie says:

    I need this board because I recently used veet for men on my ballsack and I still haven’t recovered from the horrible on fire sensation that enveloped my poor testes.

    Also my burton board is an old piece of shit that’s needing to be turned into a wall ornament (or shrine to Ullr or any other deity that guarantees fresh)

  104. Jamie
    Jamie says:

    I need this board because I recently used veet for men on my ballsack and I still haven’t recovered from the horrible on fire sensation that enveloped my poor testes.

    Also my burton board is an old piece of crap that’s needing to be turned into a wall ornament (or shrine to Ullr or any other deity that guarantees fresh)

  105. Shawn White
    Shawn White says:

    I need this because… Two seasons ago I broke my only deck. Last season I asked for a new snowboard from my grandma for Christmas and she gave me a WAKEBOARD, thinking it’s a snowboard. I didn’t have the heart to tell her I needed to return it because she was on her death bed. I didn’t get to ride at all last year and this year is looking the same, all because the sport of wakeboarding exists. For all that is holy and true in snowboarding, please give me this board!

  106. Werd Sregor
    Werd Sregor says:

    Dear YoBeat,

    Just moved to a new city in Northern Alberta to work at a radio station as a writer.
    I don’t make very much money, it’s one of those “for the love” jobs.
    I just got my 3rd job to try and save cash for new gear for the coming season but my crippling student debt is eating all my money. If I won this board it would allow me to get out to the local hill and make new friends in this strange unfamiliar town. Plus I will get immediate street cred by having a sweet new deck with yobeat stickers on it.


  107. Cole
    Cole says:

    I could reeeaaaaally use this board because im a broke as shit park builder in the southeast and at the very last day of last season my brand new snowboard was ran over by a snowcat (while i stood there screaming for the fucking moron to stop) breaking it in about 3 places and smashing my bindings into oblivion. Needless to say not covered by warranty and the driver who did it refuses to help me afford a new setup. I dont have the money for a new stick and i would fucking desperately like to ride this winter. I sit in my local shop and drool over the assassin on the wall but I only have about 100 dollars to my name. My only other option is to get a pro form from fucking ride. I dont wanna ride that kooky shit! Please yobeat! Keep me the fuck off a ride snowboard!

  108. Mt. Hood
    Mt. Hood says:

    I’ve been a liftie at Timberline for a couple years now, standing out in the pissing rain in the winter, loading up groups of 40 elderly Asians who don’t understand a lick of English in the summer, and now rollin’ in a huge 3 days a week in the offseason so I can get that pool access and free pass this next winter.

    Not yet making double digits, living off of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and trying to decide which of my boards is the least broken for the upcoming season… hook up a local YoBeat and Solomon!

  109. mt.hood 2
    mt.hood 2 says:

    Just kidding i should probably find a real job, and one that I don’t have to complain about. But its cool Im such a shreddy loke. hook me up boarder bros! I smoke weed so you know im chill. 🙂 ;P

  110. will b
    will b says:

    Dear Yo Beat, last year against my better judgment I moved my family to Los Angeles from Colorado to take a job. Not understanding how big a part of my life snowboarding was, I sold all my snowboard gear in exchange for a surfboard. Now with all the snowboard talk and fall feeling in the air I am getting that hankering to get a board strapped to my feet but with the job I took to move to LA long gone and the increasing needs of my wife and two daughters, my bank account is left drained I am left with little option besides taking to the message boards and entering contests in hope I can win a new board.

  111. david
    david says:

    I need this snowboard because, as of right now I have a 93 Haakon air with that years’ Burton freestyle bindings trapped on it with stripped hardware. I also have a 94 k2 Daniel Frank. but, it’s a 144.5, I think, with baseless bindings. i’m sure the frank is a great collectible, but it’s really heavy, and really difficult and extremely lame to ride, especially in powder. I know, you’re thinking, “you’re a grown-ass man, why don’t you just buy a new board?” because snowboards are expensive, yo! and, I have two little girls (5 and 8 months) that require me to buy them stuff like health insurance, and vaccinations and being-born-in-a-hospital charges because said insurance doesn’t seem to actually cover anything. the kids take up a lot of time too. I’ve had to stop writing this twice to fix a mylittlepony castle (once was actually to style hair). point being, that I have very little free time and no home mountain (after it closed in 2003), so it’s always hard for me to justify to my wife that I need a new set-up. cause, when am I going to use it? (well wait, when are you going to use it?) i’ll take it to a sled hill, i’ll set up a trash can at the park and jib it, i’ll jump off the retaining wall outside into the street. I live at the foot of the big horns, i’ll hike. I need the me time. right now I get it with skateboard sunday, but winter is coming. I did win a pair of rome bindings a couple years ago. so, i’m almost there. I just need a board to finally reach my goal.

  112. Jarrod Milford
    Jarrod Milford says:

    Fuck Salomon and this snowboard.. their motto is ‘slay boredom’… what the fuck, i’m not Santa? Hope you guys choose me.

  113. Bird
    Bird says:

    Hey YoBeaters,

    I don’t need this board for myself, or a friend, or even a hurt dog that I know. I need this board to save the fucking planet. We all know we’re destroying this blue and green ball of misfortune on the daily, and the only way to prevent it is to keep this board out of the hands of another god damn, lift riding, truck driving, homie snowboarder. Yeah that’s right, I’m going to split this baby down the middle and ride it both ways. This isn’t about me, this is about our kids, our grand kids, and their grands kids’ kids. So if you want to give this board away to someone with a runny nose and a trivial sob story then so be it, but if you want to grow a pair and become a website that will actually have something to live for, you know who to talk to.

    The Bird

  114. JIbba
    JIbba says:

    Because it goes with my Wu Tang hat?
    Okay, I spent all my grocery money on textbooks and beer…
    And my board is broken.
    And ninjas and shit.

  115. =
    = says:

    give it to drunkjosh. His story is fully true and a real bummer. The dude kills it at life and didn’t deserve what he got. He’s really cool and I would love to see him back in utah this winter riding a real pow board.

  116. handbanana
    handbanana says:

    Wow give away free shit people actauly come alive… Ummm gimme the board because im active in the community and you dipshits owe me.

  117. Thug on the Go
    Thug on the Go says:

    dear yobeat,
    my capita had some how warped and then broke during the off season. and for some bullshit reason, capita will not cover my warrenty on the board. i am now going to be going into the season boardless. im a senior and have no time to work to get money for a new board. so winning a board is really the only option i have.

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