Seth Wescott Tells Russia What’s Up


With your short attention span, you’ve probably already forgotten Russia is threatening to arrest any openly gay athletes or attendees at the Olympics in Sochi. Seth Wescott hasn’t forgotten, despite recovering from injury, he’s planning on heading back to the Games to vie for his third gold medal. While he’s not gay, he totally knows people who are and in an interview with the Portland Press Herald, he got all sorts of deep.

“I have friends on the female side of snowboarding from the gay and lesbian community,” said Wescott. “And as a civil rights thing, as a human rights thing, people should not be discriminated against. If you look at the spirit of the Olympic Games and what it’s about I have learned so much from my two Olympic experiences. I’ve been fortunate to have had pinnacle experiences and to have won. But it’s really not about winning.

“It’s about participation. It’s about the spirit of the entire world taking three weeks off to celebrate the transcendent ability of sport to influence people in a positive way. It’s sad to me that with all the progress we can make in the world that athletes are going to have to deal with this discrimination that should never be brought to light because it’s their personal life.”

Who ever would have imagined boardercross chicks might like other boardercross chicks? Anyway, it’s always nice to have a few well-spoken representatives of snowboarding to talk to the media about real issues.

Link: Portland Press Herald

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