Never Summer’s Slap Happy Teaser

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Woah, Never Summer made a movie. Think it’s safe to say “everyone’s doing it” now. The full flick premieres at Snowboard on the Block, Sept 14 in Denver.

  • Down South

    Never summer is a damn cult. Wack company.

  • Down South

    Never summer is a cult. Wack company.

  • not that bad

    everybody in colorado is too high to pay attention to never summer

  • someone from colorado

    its a bummer that a lot of rippers i know are in this. never summer is the unstylish fore front for colorado snowboarding…. god damnit

  • Sophisticated 6th grader

    I thought never summer was wack prior to watching this. But the shots of drinking 40’s was really cool……..SYKE still wack.