What Does Your Sticker Job Say About You?

Got a sick sticker job? Follow @yobeat and post a picture of it on Instagram with the hashtag #yostickers. We’ll pick our favorites and send ya Yobeat sticker pack.

IMG_4299Photo: Truesnow.com

Words: Jodie Beechem

As winter is approaching and new gear is dropping, which means it’s time for a new sticker job. But before you go hastily slapping stickers where ever, think. Your sticker job basically defines you as a snowboarder. It’s really important. So take our quiz to see what it all means.

1. Where did you get your stickers?

  • A. Got them for free.
  • B. I stole them.
  • C. My mom bought them for me.
  • D. Uhh, too stoned to remember. Homies maybe?
  • E. I made them myself.

2. What companies are your stickers from?

  • A. Only my sponsors: Burton, Red Bull, etc.
  • B. COMUNE, Spring Break, Satan.
  • C. I don’t know, I just put every sticker I could find on there.
  • D. 4:20 stickers for daze and obviously anything trippy, bro.
  • E. They’re actually all my own artistic designs.

3. Do you have duplicates of any stickers on your board?

  1. A. Of course, I’ve got two of every one.
  2. B. Only the metal as fuck ones.
  3. C. There are too many stickers on my board to tell.
  4. D. I’ve got like…five pot leaf stickers.
  5. E. No, I like to be unique, so I don’t make duplicates of my stickers.

4. Where on your board are your stickers?

  • A. Balanced on the nose and tail — they show up best in photos there.
  • B. Wherever the fuck I want.
  • C. They cover my entire top sheet, and I even put some on the bottom too!
  • D. Wherever has the best vibe, y’know?
  • E. I work by the rule of thirds, so everything is very balanced and feng shui.

5. Do you rep the same companies as your stickers?

  • A. Obviously, or else I’d get kicked off the team.
  • B. I rep what I want when I want.
  • C. What does rep mean again?
  • D. Huf Plant Life socks for life.
  • E. I am my own company, so of course.


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  1. Gonzo
    Gonzo says:

    Whoah, whoah, whoah, hold on just a second….. Where is the option of plastering my board in Wu-Tang stickers?

  2. nwnick
    nwnick says:

    i collect any sticker (you should see my drawer) i come across. cut them up and make custom stickers for my decks. the “aint no hoe like a tahoe” sticker in the format of a ‘keep tahoe blue’ sticker is my favorite.

  3. Luke
    Luke says:

    how does someone who took the time to align cautiously-chosen plastic stickers on top of a snowboard in order to be “looking good” get described as someone who gives “zero fucks”?

  4. Dogfunk 4 Life
    Dogfunk 4 Life says:

    what if your roommates cover your board with Dogfunk stickers while you’re sleeping and do a quality job…only Pros get their boards stickered for them right?

  5. To the 95% of you posting on this..
    To the 95% of you posting on this.. says:

    Ya’ll are sawty because you’re a bunch of gapers. Also.. don’t give so many fucks.. shit.

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