Meet: Ugly Kidz and Co

Just in case you missed Yomerica like a dumbass, we’re profiling the crews involved until you click your ass over there and watch it. (You can also catch it at Snowboard on the Block in Colorado or October 11th at the Clinton St theater in Portland.) Anyway, our next crew is the Coloradans, Ugly Kidz and Co, who had quite the year of Yobeat fame. But that’s not all, read all about them now.


Location: Summit County Colorado
Riders: Andrew Yoder, Mike Anderson, Nate Cordero, Steve Lauder, Ben Wachawiak, Stefan Kuhsel and more
Filmer: Bryan Cordero, Matt Hines
Filming/editing set up? All canon: 7d 60d, xha1
Final cut studios

What’s with the name? Do you guys really think you’re ugly?

Well we came up with the name in ’09 when 5 of us lived in a studio apartment in Silverthorne, CO. We were truly Ugly Kidz then, didn’t shower much because that’s where we kept are boards since we got fines for keeping then on our deck. We were straight “scum fucks” that being another contender for our name..that year we ended up winning Rome’s flophouse contest and got 5 boards, it was probably one of the best times of our we went with it!

Where do you guys normally ride?

Keystone and Breck mostly, and we hit the streets whenever it snows in Denver and surrounding cities.

Nate Cordero

How was the season in Colorado?

The parks in CO are amazing all year round but snowfall was best at the end of the season..April was the best month of the year. We had so much snow and the mountains actually stayed open 2 weeks longer because it couldn’t stop snowing!

What do you think of the song Hunter picked for you?

I thought it went well with our part. It’s not something we would have picked necessary but that’s why I liked it.

Are you putting out a full movie as well? If so, when can people expect it?

We are not putting out a full movie but we will be releasing a 10 minute highlight reel of the season online sometime soon. We also will be featured in the Candy Grind movie “What’s Good” which is premiering at Snowboard on the Block in Denver on Sept 14th.

How do you afford to drive around in an RV all winter?

The RV came about 2 years ago and the only way to afford something like that is not from our parents but from hard work…The RV belongs to my brother who is still currently paying it off. He spends his entire spring and summer up in Alaska fishing for salmon. He had a killer year this year but that includes working 16 hour days. So with him owning the RV the rest of us work our asses off, saving up as much money as we can to support us thru the winter, which may include a budget of $20 a day in some weeks…but hey it’s better than paying rent and stuck at a job in a single mountain town all year. Us snowboarding is a year long production and that’s the only way to make it work.

What’s the grossest thing that went down in the RV?

Haha they’re too many, Ill share one..we were in Salt Lake at the sandy Walmart parked in the back. One night my brother cut it too close and couldn’t make it in and had to shit right outside the RV. So the next morning we let our dog Big Lu out to do his thing and let him back in like 10 minutes later. Now this dog is a licker and once he got back in he RV that morning he continued to wake everybody up with a couple wet licks on the face, what we didn’t realize was that he had for some insane reason eaten my brother’s poop up from the night before and had straight shit breath. That dog never woke us up quicker than that morning.

Andrew Yoder. SLC.

What was the highlight of your season (and you can totally say being in the Yobeat movie, haha)?

Probably Yobeat flying us to Bachelor and having the 2 best powder says of my life there, hands down! And the Utah trip in Jan with Yoder was up there too!

Who are your influences for filming and riding?

It’s tough to say, a couple videos..Video Gangs, for sure! Promo copy, Out Cold, just meeting the right people and snowboarding with them and having an interest in film.

What do you think makes a movie good? What movie are you most looking forward to this year?

I have been snowboarding with the same crew for 10 years and when I ride with them, funny shit just happens and that allows for entertaining videos. So I think just letting go and just riding with your friends with a mix of pushing each other is a perfect recipe! Looking forward to Videograss, Déjà Vu, KTC and Givin.

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And for the love of god, watch Yomerica (again.)

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