FMK: Jon Kooley, Nick Dirks and LNP

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It’s game time once again here at Yobeat and this week we’ve selected three hairy heavy hitters. They’re all ridiculously good at snowboarding, but which one is marriage material, who’s worthy of a quick bang and who could you live without? The question was posed and here are the answers:

Hana Beaman: Fuck Kooley, he’s the tallest. I’ve heard things… Marry- LNP, the hair, the smile, total package. plus I think he could build a cabin for us to live in. Kill Dirks, he’s just too cute, I’d squeeze him to death.

Blake Geis:  Marry kooley cause he’s a rad dude. Fuck lnp cause we could listen to kill em all while we fucked. Kill dirks.

Oliver Dixon:  Awe dude sickest beards in the game! Bone dirks because he’s a little guy and I can toss him around, and I’d kill LNP so I could marry Kooley and ride off into the sunset on the back of his motorcycle . Plus, Kooley would probably drop me with one of those L1 promotional hatchets before I got a chance to kill him. Although LNP would probably shank me with a broken bottle or something.

Darrah Reid-Mclean: Hmm, I think probably fuck Nick Dirks, Marry LNP, kill Jon Kooley. Nick seems like he’d probably have a lot of stamina in bed? LNP seems like he’d make a good househusband while I go off and make the bacon. Nothing against jon kooley really, he’s just not that fun.

Russell Winfield: Marry LNP cause I always wanted to marry a chick with an accent. Fuck Nick Dirks cause girls with tattoos are frisky and Kill John Kooley because the other two just seem better for the other two options.

Padyn Harvey: Fuck LNP, He is French Canadian and must know some fucked up French Canadian positions I don’t know about. Marry Dirks cause then I can get that sweet tattoo flash hook up & all the van rides I would ever need. Then I guess Kill Kooley to slow his denim legging production.

Chris Grenier: Fuck Dirks cause it would kinda be like having sex with a midget. Then I would marry Jon and Larry.


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  1. Cami
    Cami says:

    Hmm, How bout I just do some drunken shredding with them and see how it pans out… a good day of snowboarding and drinks can potentially lead to 2 of the 3 options, well at least 1 for sure 😉 I guess it could lead to killing someone too but that’s not really my style.

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