C3 The Movie: Trailer


I remember having a strong distaste for Mt. Snow when I lived in Vermont.  There was just no reason to ever go there. What a difference a few years and a whole-mountain park can make. The full Carinthia movie, coming soon.

Featuring: Shaun Murphy, Tarik Blowers, Levi Gunzburg, Max Lyons, Rory Bruder, Ian Keay Jaime Del Pizzo, Emma Graham, Zack Wilmot, Brian Skorupski, Casey Willax, Timmy Sullivan and more

Filmed & Edited: Dylan Demers
Song: “Blood Like Cream” – Red Fang

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  1. PARK!!!
    PARK!!! says:

    More park footage please! I think snowboarding needs a lot more park footage of guys who lap the same run 1000000 times. #progression #unique #downflatdownflatdownflatdown

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