Meet: Nowamean

SetUp-Filming-Jerome Page shooting LP Dorval
Jerome Page films LP Dorval. It’s called synergy.

Since they helped make Yomerica possible, we figured it was only appropriate to find out a little more about the crews with their own parts in the movie. We’re gonna go in order, which is convenient since the Canadians in Nowamean aren’t even celebrating Labor Day today. Check back for the next five mondays to meet the rest of the crews, and a little bird told me that the Yomerica B-sides are happening as well!

Location: Montreal, Quebec, Chicoutimi, Sherbrooke, Thedford Mines, Rigaud, Ottawa, Rhode Island & everywhere in between.

Riders: Dillon Ojo, LP Dorval, Jo Truchon, Anto Chamberland, Jesmond Dubeau, Phil Tardif, Sean Thomson, Axel Theoret, Alex Gogo, Russell Beardsley, Gab Belanger, Cameron Hill, Nic Marcoux, The Roy Brothers, Alexis Mailhot, Fred Lacroix, Thomas Gagner and Emile Veilleux.

Filmers: Je Page, Sean Traer, Mat Gibo, Jerome Charest, Richard Hope, Mini and Ti-Pois.
Photographes: Evad (Dave Demers), Phil Bernard and Eric Lamothe

Filming/editing set up? A bunch of Panasonic HVX, Canon & Nikon dslrs, Sony Fs-100 & whatever we can find and afford. Edits are done on FCP pro.

Axel Theoret-boardslide-Bangarang-Photo Phil bernardAlex Theoret. photo Phil Bernard

What does Nowamean mean?

Nothing and everything. This started as nothing really and became something that means as much as family.

How was the season in French Canada?

Pretty good actually, there was no down days really. Of course we rode ice at -30 Celcius a couple of times, but we’re no pussies, we’re out there.

Where do you guys usually ride?

Everybody has their own local mountain like Saint-Bruno, Saint-Sauveur, Mount Orford. So we kinda meet up everywhere when we wanna shred.

You guys are putting out your own full movie right? When can the people expect it to drop?

Yup, Fifth movie, third good one haha! You can expect it to drop In October & it will be available on itunes.
Plus, we will give out free DVDs in all the good local boardshops. We want this thing rolling so lookout there will be a shit ton of copies in Canada. We are also thinking of sending out copies to good boardshops in the Us, any suggestion for us?

And of course, the movie will be for free on after January.

What’s the hardest part about making a full movie?

Making snowboard movies is a risk and tons of hard work. You sacrifice a lot of money & a winter of your life for it. The hardest part would be trying to put a crew of riders, filmers and photographers together and to be motivated. We don’t really get anything from it at the end; we just do it for the sake of making something bigger than ourselves. In 20 years from now, I’m sure everybody involved in Nowamean will still be riding together, and that’s what’s makes the spirit of Nowmaean.

Who’s the biggest pain in the ass in the crew?

Oh man, you got me started, Jo Truchon is hungover at every session, Nic Marcoux and Phil Tardif together are so annoying, Thomas Gagner always takes off his mits between every hit, and takes so much times to get them back on, Emile Veilleux is always drunk and breaks shits, Axel Theoret is always sleeping, if Alex Gogo doesn’t land quickly he doesn’t ride anymore, Russell Beardsley never lands, LP Dorval… all of the above, Alexis Mailhot always breaks his board. Thanks Yobeat I wanted to get that off my chest. And probably me (Page) cuz I sometime stress about all of that, but in the end, we’re just having fun.

Lifestyle-Axel Charest Thomas-barEverything’s better with friends. Especially beer. Axel, Charest and Thomas.

Who’s the most useful?

Gab Belanger, he’s a superhuman. He organizes every session, drives everybody, shovels all the spots and always gets everybody in a good mood no matter what. He’s the team Captain. Rufiooo !

Who do you guys look up to?

LP Dorval : He gets all the bitchessss

Do you feel like being in a movie called Yomerica is weird because you’re Canadians?

Not at all, when it comes to snowboarding, there’s no border, plus by having us, only good can come out of it.

Do you guys eat a lot of poutine? Does it help you snowboard?

Man, I’m really surprised that Poutine is not in the USA already. I mean, you guys are the King of Junk food and it’s simply the best meal on earth. It also cures hangovers so we can go snowboarding again the next day.

EmileVeilleux-Switch Olie-Bangarang-Photo Jerome PageEmile Veilleux, Switch Olie. Photo Jerome Page

Why are French Canadians so good at snowboarding?

Pretty much everybody that pursue snowboarding, as a career is really good now. Honestly, were lucky to have urban terrain in our backyard.

What do you think makes a movie good?

For my part, it’s the way it’s presented. Every rider has good tricks, but when the song and the editing is on point, it’s even more powerful & fulfilling. In Bangarang, we made the movie for the premieres therefore expect some good times & lot’s of broken beers at the bar.

What movie are you most looking forward to this year?

Man, everybody, From Deja Vu to KTC, Think Thank, VG, The White Album part 2, Squirtcity 3 (Dorval) Golden Years, a bunch of other small production movies and the Yobeat movie of course !

Pigeye from 2012.

If you still haven’t watched Yomerica, do it now. If you have, watch it again.

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    So they are using the Panasonic DVX100B or DVX100A? DOes anyone have info or expeirence with that camera? I’m Looking at buying one. But…… Not sure if it will fit my needs.