Yawgoon: Marcus Rand


When not laying bricks or charming strippers, Marcus Rand destroys shit on his snowboard. Here’s a collection of his footage from last season.

Edit: Brendan Gouin

Music: Sugar Man by Rodriguez

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  1. Jesse Rand
    Jesse Rand says:

    I hope were related and some of those clean, stylish, fuckin awesome genes might start working for me ya kno.

  2. upstatemike.
    upstatemike. says:

    blue collar snowboarding at it’s finest. this is what snowboarding is missing that skating has…people that fucking kill it, make some videos here and there for fun that are better than actual pro shit, and just have normal lives and real jobs. way more inspirational than triple corks in a superpipe that the average kid will never actually get to ride.

  3. Pat Mehiney
    Pat Mehiney says:

    Yawgoon = Sick snowboarding on stuff that small, shitty hill, eastcoast riders can look up to. More motivating than a banger filled super park edit.

  4. Hey Upstatemike
    Hey Upstatemike says:

    How can you say snowboarding is missing this? Here it is. Right here. Snowboarding has it. We’re finally as cool as skateboarding. HOORAY!

  5. upstatemike.
    upstatemike. says:

    it’s never been about being as cool as skateboarding…it’s about having the same longevity to it. I want to be at a mountain and see dudes in their late 30’s with kids and a day job killing it, and not just cruising around cause they are “old”… much like the old dude at a concrete skatepark shredding the fuck out of it.

  6. Jeenyus
    Jeenyus says:

    @upstatemike, I think those times are comin’ friend. Snowboarding is still in it’s early years where skateboarding has had time to generate an older crowd of rippers. We will see it… actually i’m gonna be it.

  7. KC KYLE
    KC KYLE says:

    I have nothing to say besides that was sick as fuck and upstatemike’s comments could not be more on point.

  8. The Foxy Lady, Providence RI
    The Foxy Lady, Providence RI says:

    Marcus! Come through tomorrow night for last call. We will keep the VIP room open after hours for you.

  9. KarenFromTheFoxy
    KarenFromTheFoxy says:

    Man fuck MArc yo ass still owe me six Hunnid and I ain’t blowin dat dick again till you pay up. Them tricks was tight though boo where you been. I’m on legs n eggs tomorrow baby

  10. Matty Shred
    Matty Shred says:

    I’m 40, I have job and I’m out there with my kids and still skating and riding as hard as I did when I was 18. Does get harder to get up after slams, tho…

  11. Julio from Chipendales
    Julio from Chipendales says:

    Hey Marcus the guys here at Chipendales like your moves and are confident you could join our family…come by next week wearing nothing but Brian Skorupskis orange hoody and we’ll talk business … Lube optional

  12. Miz da God
    Miz da God says:

    If u think it gets more talented and vibed out then this, you must have the whole temporal lobe removed from your stupid skull…WOOKA

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