Kelly Clark Nominated for Sports Woman of the Year

Screen Shot 2013-08-13 at 2.23.17 PM

Kelly Clark is going head to head with a bunch of chicks we’ve never heard of from other sports like figure skating and tennis in the Women’s sport foundation’s 2013 awards. Some of her qualifications include:

  • Won gold in the Women’s Halfpipe at the Winter X Games in both Aspen and Tignes, making her the first female rider to win three consecutive gold medals (March).
  • Celebrated 60th career win during the 2013 season which is the most career wins of any other male or female snowboarder.

Apparently, this is some highly prestigious honor in women’s sports, as you can tell because it’s decided by an online vote. We didn’t vote because you had to fill out a form, but if you care more than us, vote for Kelly here.

  • boston pancakes

    and shes as ugly as she was 12 years ago. arent famous people supposed to have teams designed to make them attractive?

  • butter…

    you cant dress a turd up

  • boneyballsack

    she should just wear her snowboard stuff all the time so we dont have to look at her

  • Butter Toast

    The classic brown paper bag…problem solved

  • but.. brooke was suppose to win that!

  • Wow- those are some mean comments. Hate much?