Bet You Can’t – Trollhaugen


It’s like a summer dream or something, a Bet You Can’t episode from Trollhaugen.  Dane Byron challenges Mike Skiba to a hardway bs 270 to switch.  Kudos for the song choice.

  • snatch

    said, “o0Ohh! ” so many times.

  • Denver

    JP can’t

  • weedeveryday

    so, the guy is 40 and still rippin, what more can u ask

  • yobeatmymeat

    I-wu-how-wha-holy fuck how’d he do that?

  • Huhuh

    This dude’s 40?

  • Gary Dank

    Skiba is beyond insane. and I’m sure I was kicking Jesse Mickelsons ass at 1:30

  • Hah

    Skiba is 18

  • Special K

    If it was me doing it, I probably would have counted half of those.

  • Trolliosis

    Skiba falls? Since when?

  • Trolliosis

    Skiba knows how to fall? Since when?

  • STU

    Juicy J can’t….but Skiba can!

  • Gale Chunderwood

    Dane Byron was concieved in the chillm shack

  • Mindblown

    these damn trollhaugen kids are on a completely different level than every other resorts riders. i just don’t get it. so insane.

  • trollhaugenparkcrew

    mindblown^ it is a thing called tow ropes.

  • Tyrese

    What song was that?

  • The list

    Skiba is the most underrated insane destroyer at troll…

  • The fist

    Excuse me, maybe in snowboarding. Skiba is has laser surgeon hand precision, control, and consistency.

  • TheBadThings

    Not good as my nigga Shaun’s rail game

  • DaFuq?

    Thought the lyrics were “Yell for the Skiba Troll” until about halfway through the video