Rome’s 12 Months – July


Don’t worry mom and dad, the diggers don’t interact with your children.

Riders: Ozzy Henning, Derrek Lever, Riley Nickerson, Ian Boll, Jeff Hopkins, Chris Frost, and more.

  • fired

    Finally somebody used mega-mo without annoying the shit out of everyone! Sick edit.

  • Justin’s bong

    Reason number 1. Why snowboarding is better then skiing

  • forealdo

    that was really well done. great job everyone

  • JP Walker

    Thanks TWS for posting this last week!

  • nwnick

    you hippies better be packin out what you bring in…

    solid follow caming, you can tell they ride that park every day

  • Boobookittyfucker

    Reason number one why
    high cascade < windells

  • Special K

    Nice to watch ten minutes of ozzy.

  • Most enjoyable 2013 summer edit to date #BRICKSQUAD

  • Most enjoyable 2013 summer snowboard edit to date.