Countour Calls it Quits

Remember the world before tiny cameras you could attach to just about anything? Yeah, that was rough. Luckily, through some miracle of science someone made one, and pretty soon, every other person in the lift line was rocking a camera on their head. Now most of these cameras were of the GoPro variety, so it may come as little shock that Contour, the less waterproof, more phallic version of the device is apparently done. According to the Internet (more specifically the social manager’s facebook) the company closed its doors on Friday, August 2, 2013.

Screen Shot 2013-08-06 at 2.15.37 PM

The website and store are still up, but our phone call went unanswered. So, if anyone needs a social manager, Jacob is available and clearly very good at updating the Internet.


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  1. Lil 'Bud'dha
    Lil 'Bud'dha says:

    It was always gonna be hard to compete with GoPro’s marketing budget, even though the contour was arguably better (GPS and stuff in it).

    I think they even had Travis Rice and Torstein on the team this season at some point though?

    Even if you’re a massive gopro fanboy this is still shit news, because less competition means gopro can charge basically whatever the fuck they want. I bet prices will go up for GoPro’s.

  2. Shaun Bon Jovi
    Shaun Bon Jovi says:

    Don’t worry, terrible POV footy will continue to exist despite this. Then again, at least with contour you didn’t have to look like an idiot. Sony will find a way to rip off their design….oh wait.

  3. Reality101
    Reality101 says:

    ……and another one bites the dust…… Thoughts to the now unemployed, I’d go get yer 99 weeks of “fun-employment” cause it’s just part time work being offered primarily.

  4. fired
    fired says:

    what?!?! but contour was the only action cam that fits in your butthole. guess i’ll start stretching for the gopro

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