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Not all snowboards stand the test of time. I’m not talking about not breaking after five years when you run into a rock, but boards that someday when you come across might just mean more to you then they do today. As a snowboarding generation comes to the age where nostalgia is possible, it’s happening more and more. The History of Snowboarding facebook community is basically a stream of old dudes showing off their classics and pleading for people to rescue boards off Craigslist. Someday, “the kids” will be those “old guys” too. So how can you exploit this trend now? Invest in snowboards! To help you get started, we’ve analyzed some of the truly classic boards of yesteryear for commonalities which you can apply to today’s offerings.

Characteristic #1 Everyone has it.

People get old and collect the boards they rode when they were young. It’s an obvious one. You know what you see other people riding most at the mountain, so go with the same thing as them. Note: this will vary by region, but luckily, the Internet has made global board collecting possible.

snowboard_school_optOK, these are rental boards, but you get the idea.

Characteristic #2 Sick Graphic.

Most of the literal top-selling boards sold are actually the most simple, boring, graphics because they’re meant for the box stores. The awesome graphics are often on much smaller runs of boards because they’re just for you nerds ( we mean that in the nicest way possible, of course.) So, go for a snowboarder’s own art or a brand that hired a “real” artist to do graphics. Beware of over flooding though, there are so many damn Jamie Lynn inspired Lib Tech’s floating around, it gets hard to tell them all apart.


Photo via Rad Collector

i.e. Nitro Team x Estevan Oriol – It’s Euro, so you know it’s totally edgy.

Characteristic #3 Pro Models of people who change the game (or are at least on top of it.)

You might not know what board Frank April was riding when he nabbed the ender in Enlighten, but you can sure bet that there’s some future collector that does. So if a guy gets an ender, and he has a pro model, that’s a board you want. And, anything Scott Stevens rides today would probably be nice to have as well.


i.e. Gnu Space Case – Forest Bailey’s stick of choice.

Characteristic #4 – Collabs double your odds

When two brands team up, there’s an even better chance that the item will become a collectable. You never know, in the future there could be obsessive Crab Grab collectors or something –Lib Tech made a Crab Grab board and we’re willing to bet that one will be sought after someday. So if you have one, you’re stoked.  If not, don’t let the next hot collab pass you by!


i.e. Burton Lipstick Restricted – A Collab with Lifebeat and Featuring Salt n Peppa. Boom. Hip Hoppers and boards alike will want this baby or
Dan Brissse Capita x Volcom Snowboard – You know Volcom snowboards are gonna be hot in the future, so here’s one you can actually get your hands on.

Characteristic #5 – Something that’s actually different.

Whether is amazing new technology, or the stupidest thing ever, in 20 years it’ll probably be popular again and someone will be like, oh I remember Triple-Base Technology was a thing the first time around! Bataleon may just be the Inca of the future, but only time will tell.


i.e. Dual Snowboards Salomon Derby – This designed-for-banked-slalom board is really embracing the moment in snowboarding, and someday when we look back on the Banked Slalom craze with fond memories, this board will be a glowing reminder.

If you look for boards like these and wait long enough, you’re almost guaranteed* to get something iconic. Just think. In 20 years you may just have the next Pat Bridges shlepping through thrift stores to find one and you’ll be stoked when you can hook him up.

*Disclaimer: To truly invest, you must not only get the right board, but then not ruin its resale value. If there’s one thing we’ve learned on Pawn Stars, it’s that condition matters, so basically what we’re saying is, you might want to buy two of each of these – ride one, keep the other in plastic — just to be safe. Also, we do not guarantee success of this and don’t really recommend getting investment advice from a  snowboard site.

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  1. @patrick
    @patrick says:

    Its a thirtytwo x crabgrab board but its pressed by mervin aka lib tech/gnu. NOW YOU KNOW!!!!! #BillNye

  2. hmm
    hmm says:

    @Nitro – Yes, Estevan Oriol is from LA, but Nitros USA distributors are in SLC. The company itself is european owned.

  3. Birdrider
    Birdrider says:

    I can already think of a couple boards I would like to have in my collection.

    -The Un-Inc boards with the sword on them. Gigi’s model
    -Travis Rices first Lib Board, Had a crazy dog shooting a missle out of his ass.
    -Travis Parker’s Unorthodox, the double swallow tail with the hand grabs all over it.

  4. IceCoast
    IceCoast says:

    A two I would love to have on display someday:
    Travis Parker Unorthodox for sure. So unique for it’s time and Parker is the man.
    My original Stairmaster with Corey Smith graphics

  5. Euros and Japs with Money
    Euros and Japs with Money says:

    Theres enough fanatic Halldor Helgason lemmings around who wish their mum bought them a fullmoon Lobster monster vagina board but never got it. They will grow up bankers and go all in on Ebay betting for their childhood favourite board. Just like I’m sitting here wishing I had that first Jason Ford Ride board….

  6. upstatemike.
    upstatemike. says:

    i got my stack of future classics:

    – 2 Bozwreck teams…one black one white.
    – ‘ 07 Forum Youngblood
    – 2 Burton Rations with Jay Howell graphics. One cut into double swallow tail.
    – Capita stairmaster extreme…first year? anything corey smith does is a classic helloooo
    – Burton Harvest with Shark Toof graphic
    – Ride Crush…the one with the cheesy beach airbrush graphic, the best graphic ever pretty much.

    This is what you care about after you turn 30. Get into it kids. I wish i had all the boards i sold/broke/gave away throughout the years. But fuck, you gotta pay to live somehow cause the snowboard world don’t pay dick!

  7. another patrick
    another patrick says:

    good name drop with inca, funny how half of the crazy noodle cambers look like those boards.

  8. Mark Farner of Grand Funk Railroad
    Mark Farner of Grand Funk Railroad says:

    collecting snowboards? You fools live like rappers.
    I buy cool skate decks on clearance.

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