Under Review: Working for the City 2


You don’t always get that feeling of crew togetherness in snowboard movies you once did. Now too often it feels like it’s big names going to big places at different times. In this movie, the WFTC crew are in it together and they showcase a rawness through their footage that makes a joke about their VHS B-roll all to easy. This movie is a must see.

Sam Bakken and Jordan Daniels: This part is fucked, and after watching it you will not be sorry that you bought the movie. That’s probably why they put it first. This part is full of roof to rail transfers, and even a powder shot!

Photo: Clark Newman

Colton Morgan: Firecrackers down platform-ledges and sick street lines. All around sick part and an essential one to the movie. Not much more to be said other than naming tricks, and you should buy the movie and see for yourself gosh darnit.

Alek Binder: The music for his part is entirely ambient noise but somehow it works. He might have done a smith grind but the next shot was him ollie-ing like 15 feet down to a flat ledge so I stopped thinking about the smith grind thing.

Justin Fronius: When you watch this part you start to get the idea that Froni could land anything… like sometimes I think he picks the sketchiest line just to show that he will in fact ride away. Not many riders have that control over street features. I will say that I expect his part in VG will outshine this.

Cole Linzmeyer: The part is short and sweet but a couple notable trick. Wasn’t my favorite part but I definitely said “no shit!” ou tloud for his back 180 transfer right before the ender.

Aidan Flanagan: Aidan has a riding style that reminds me of a Jed Anderson. Creative and seemingly fearless in the way he goes about his street lines, I was not surprised by his jaw-dropping bail shot. where he caught his edge on a fence and sent a double front flip 20 feet down into a parking lot snow bank. Cullen Burnklau finished out the part with a pretty massive back three to a down rail.

Colin Wilson: Get’s hit with a firework in the intro and that is always funny. He looks like Jim from the office and he makes similar faces into the camera. There is a scene of him bombing next to a car that is super bad-ass and he executes tricks with a robotic like precision. A robot with good style though.


Jesse Paul: Did they save the bests for last? Possibly. When you watch this part you kind of feel like you are watching the future of snowboarding. He has a notable slam too and takes it like a boss. His body control astonishes me, and the ender of the video will actually make you wonder if the video SHOULD be longer than 20 minutes….Which you will ultimately decide it shouldn’t.

Don’t make the same mistake that I did though in thinking Jesse Paul has transformed into a black man with glasses. Though the rider’s names appear on the screen, the interviews are with random Minneapolis citizens. This adds a nice touch to the movie because in general, the people interviewed are saying funny shit about the job they have. It’s a creative and effective way of straying from traditional intros.

Benny Kaufman

Bakken why so serious?

B-roll Trends:
Lots of VHS footage. Mustaches must be cool In Minnesota because even people’s mustaches have mustaches in this video.

Stoner rock, ambient noise, 90’s rap, funk/soul.

Trick Trends:
Huge to flat, urban lines, tricks on broken rails, tranny finding, with…with stairs.

Should you buy this movie?
Yes. For real though. Get your cope at http://theimpaler.bigcartel.com/product/working-for-the-city-2-dvd

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  1. nathan
    nathan says:

    Such a sick movie! The jordan daniels ender is ridiculous. It makes it even better cause he slams into a dumpster in the rideout. So gnarly.

  2. T raw
    T raw says:

    One of my best purchases. When I watched Colin’s footage i knew he should have had the ender part. Then I watched jesses part…… Insane

  3. The Catfish
    The Catfish says:

    Everything about this movie was awesome. My favorite part is how fast passed it is, some parts may seem short but every shot in them are absolutely insane. No filler. No bullshit.

    If you haven’t bought yourself a copy yet, you’re blowing it.

  4. TheWatcher
    TheWatcher says:

    This review was so badly written I snapped my board in anger. Thanks a ton guy, you’ve ruined my day.

  5. bret
    bret says:

    got this sent to my parents house, when i got home from skool i watched it 3 times in a row- its really that good

  6. terencetoobaked
    terencetoobaked says:

    Jon stark is actually a peasant. The real gods of this flick are the mother fuckers IN it. Snowboarding, making you excited.

    • nate
      nate says:

      This guy is iggy, Stark is a G. ^^ This is the best purchase I’ve ever made. Colin Wilson’s part is how I start every single day, then I watch the whole thing from the beginning.

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