Boards With Friends 2013/14 #1

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Unless you are getting hooked up, have a rad hooked up homie, or have very nice parents, you have to buy your own snowboard. Let’s face it, If your paying over $500 for anything other than rent or sex you are not stoked. (Gotta love high priced hookers.) Well this summer we brought in some of our friends to talk about the decks they are currently riding. With their choice of board from each brand’s line, we wanna know, why this one?  Welcome to the 2013 edition of Boards With Friends.

Rome Agent Rocker 159cm

As reviewed by Cody T Booth

Life is full of choices and finding the right snowboard can be harsh. Fortunately, Rome Snowboards understands riders and caters to all kinds. One of my favorite boards in their line-up is the Agent Rocker. This powerful board has been my go to crusher- From annihilating pillow fields in Baker to cruising couloirs in Colorado and stomping backcountry jumps in Canada it’s a fun and aggressive all-mountain snowboard.

For some techy jargon the board sports rocker in the middle and camber underfoot to provide all the snap and aggressiveness of traditional camber, while allowing the float and surfy feel of rocker. The shape is almost twin, with just a slightly longer nose than tail. Rome also tossed in carbon hotrods for some mega pop, a quick rip sidecut for precise turns and kevlar impact plates to dampen those harsh rides. All in all this is the board is a workhorse for those that demand a board that’s able to handle the whole mountain.


Stepchild Latchkey 153

As reviewed by Jordan Smalls

I ride the Stepchild Latchkey 153. It’s a really light regular camber board that’s got a shovel shape nose and tail. It’s a perfect board for everything from rails to jumps. The latchkey is a little bit on the softer side but still doesn’t loop out on jumps and can hold a turn. In years past the latchkey was reverse camber but for next year’s board they introduced a regular camber version which I have been riding all season. The board is hands down the best snowboard I have ever ridden! The board not only rides well, but the graphic is on point as fuck too. It’s based on the Marlboro Red Cig pack and the colors look really clean on the board. The Latchkey has been my go to board all season and I am sure it will stay that way. Big shout out to the Stepchild guys for making such a sick board!

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Smokin Team Series

As reviewed by Corey Noble

I’ve been riding the Smokin team series board for two years now. The board is a collaboration of imput from all of the Smokin team riders. For 2013/14 they switched it up and went with camber instead of a flat base. It’s a solid board that will hold an edge and power through the chop. For me personally it was hard to get used to camber again after riding a flat deck for the past five years. But hey, I’m a pussy when it comes to shit like that… So if you like pointing it in to 90ft park jumps, carving till your chin scrapes the snow, or blasting methods 12 feet out of the super pipe then you’ll love this board. To camber, or not to camber is up to you. But instead of listening to what I have to say in this board review right now, you should just go to your local shop and buy one cause they’re handmade in Lake Tahoe USA, come with a 3 year board warranty, and best of all, are affordable as fuck.


Tech Nine Dylan Thompson Pro Model 150

As reviewed by Dylan Thompson

I am riding my Dylan Thompson pro model 150. It is flat between the feet and rocker near the nose and tail. It rides super fun in all conditions, and is a especially great board for jibbing and riding park. I ride this board in 90% of conditions and am stoked. It also is built to last. I have beat the shit out of my board in streets all year and they really are pretty bomber. I have yet to snap one. I went with hockey theme for the graphics because hockey is a super rad sport and its funny to see people beating the shit out of each other on the top sheet. Bottom line is this board is super fun to ride and will be a great companion for all your shred adventures for years to come!


Volcom Pro

As reviewed by Johnny Lazz

My board is a 153 flat and reverse outside the bindings. It fucks rails up with it’s looseness and slams down presses! Going side ways is a fun as getting wasted with your friends. It rips left and right. It gets thrown in the back of my car, it slides down the mountain, and lucky enough to even get a sticker job! This Board has great flex and is still very powerful. It’s nice in the slush because you can be as loose as you want, but it’s still contained. Ride one if you can get one.

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    • Paul John Balderston
      Paul John Balderston says:

      They are now made by capita! Alot of they are the NAS but some are others. Like the board above is probably very similar to the ultrafear. And keep an eye out on ebay, some get listed for cheaper than you would think.

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    I mean are any of these people going to talk shit about there sponsors haha, i feel like this is a little bias

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