McMorris and McMorris Coming to MTV


It was only a matter of time before the zany antics and behind the scenes excitement of snowboarding hit the little screen in “reality” form. Get hyped for McMorris & McMorris, produced by snowboarding experts Red Bull Media House and come Canadian production company, following Mark and Craig McMorris.  According to a post on the Hollywood Reporter:

The partners plan eight half-hour episodes of McMorris & McMorris, which follows Mark McMorris and Craig McMorris from Regina, Saskatchewan, as they compete at home and abroad in competition and spend their down-time partying with celebrities.

The Canadian TV series follows Mark McMorris winning a 2013 Winter X Games gold medal in the slopestyle competition by beating American snowboard legend Shaun White.

Apparently the glorious failure of Wake Brothers hasn’t soured MTV’s appetite for action sports, but then again, these guys probably party with WAY COOLER celebrities than the Sovens. No word on when these 8 episodes will air, but you can bet we’ll be glued to them all.

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  1. upstatemike.
    upstatemike. says:

    seen an episode being filmed…shit looks like it’s gonna actually be pretty good,and hopefully won’t have any magical warehouses or grown ass men crying about girls.

  2. oh quit whining
    oh quit whining says:

    If they’re going to make a reality show about snowboarding, wouldn’t you rather it be Mark and Craig than Shaun or some other dweesh? Like, maybe people will finally see that snowboarding is like, fun and funny and stuff?

  3. TheRatchetLord
    TheRatchetLord says:

    Coming Fall of 2014, McMorrisness! Watch as sold out snowboarders Mark and Craig McMorris use old Tosh.0 clips recycled and slowed down to bring a new, family fun TV show that not even your grandmother will laugh at!

    Mark and Craig do crush it tho…

  4. hmm
    hmm says:

    The director is actually a pretty cool dude. Grew up skating and stuff. It’ll be interesting to see how it turns out.

  5. A.D.V.
    A.D.V. says:

    Yeah,sure,they’ll be partying with many celebrities…
    But the real question is:
    Are we gonna see some check-in-the-atm action????????

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