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Remember when the Summer X Games had snowboarding big air? No? Well, that’s because it hasn’t happened in over a decade. Anyway, this year summer-X X Games LA is bringing back snowboarding with another round of REAL SNOW! But, this time it’s from the backcountry. So basically, it’s extra boring and totally out of left field, but don’t fret, we’ve got the inside scoop so you can vote extra quickly and get back to your day. Here’s the rundown…

Travis Rice has a part, because he is backcountry snowboarding, just ask Netflix. It’s short, sweet and exactly what you’d expect. However, I bet ESPN wasn’t counting on a voiceover that makes fun of the X Games and everything the mainstream world is trying to do to our sport. Vote for him, but only because Mark Carter sucks.

Mark Carter is a guy I’ve never cared to hear of. His part starts with animal abuse and turns quickly to sensory abuse. This part is filmed on terrain any west coast kid can find in a days drive and is boring as hell. Next.

Mikey Rencz, man this dude just keeps on having a career. The good news is this part is super fun to watch and full of stuff so big and hard that we might finally have a benchmark for what it means to be pro. Vote for Mikey and I dare you to try his banger.

Andres Wiig is still a Nordic god. I have nothing bad to say about Andres and never will, he’s that good. Anyway, his part is a mix of everything you’d want from a backcountry part, but it’s a little less fun than Mikey’s and therefore you have to stab yourself in the leg and give Mikey the win.

Mark Landvik reminds me of the Pacific Northwest. When I think of the PNW I think of laid back vibes, wet gear and not giving a fuck. This part sums those three things up nicely, enjoy it, but don’t vote for it because Jussi still rules.

Jussi Oksanen starts his part with some black and white footage most likely pulled from the beginning of his career. Post film grain, shit gets real and Jussi proves that he’s still a force to fuck with. Burton really had it right when they drafted all these Euro kids back in the day. Long live Jussi.

Frederik Kalbermatten filmed an awesome part that an editor made boring. The real issue though is that mainstream Sheckler fans will have no idea how to appreciate how radical every move in this :90 second clip is. Get ready for a new appreciation of ice.

I love watching Pat Moore snowboard. You should too. If Andrew Crawford and Scotty Wittlake got drunk in a small cabin and decided to raise a redheaded stepchild, this would be their perfect offspring. Vote for Pat because the world needs to see what snowboarding is really about.

Now that we’ve made up your mind, go vote here.

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  1. LOL
    LOL says:

    “makes fun of the X Games and everything the mainstream world is trying to do to our sport”……………………………… sponsored by redbull

  2. Zimmerman
    Zimmerman says:

    Animal abuse… It’d be really sad if Nick fell off his chair and stabbed his fork through the back of his skull the next time he put a piece of beef into his mouth.

  3. upstatemike.
    upstatemike. says:

    everyone you said to vote for except travis is losing. i however agree with all of your choices. nice work. general public…you’re blowing it.

  4. ShredZgnar
    ShredZgnar says:

    If Jussi and Mikey didnt film in the same locations and hit the same kickers id vote for them but Im going Landvick for sure. Mikey did go massive comparitively to Andreas. Overall I think frederik should win. Blue ice is no joke… It is awesome to watch pat throw himself without much regard for safety let alone even landing it.

  5. sharkmaster
    sharkmaster says:

    It’s about fucking time they got nick back in the saddle to show these other pussy authors how to write an article. Thanks Nick. I don’t feel dumber having read this.

  6. a
    a says:


  7. Sean
    Sean says:

    Why don’t people who film in the backcountry not throw smaller spins with more creative grabs ? At some point a nine just looks like a nine

  8. poopsticks
    poopsticks says:

    Travis Rice – good for him and his “here, send in the b-footy” efforts. Respect, but I hope you don’t win.

    Mark Carter – Why isn’t he and his family in jail. Did everyone just FORGET?

    Mark Landvik – Much better that Jussis part.

    Jussi Oksanen – His part made me want to go back to 2002.

    Mikey Rency – Never though I’d say the words, best part submitted. Sucks he’ll lose round 1.

    Andreas Wiig – How is he still relevant?

    Pat Moore – No soul ginger. His riding never seems original.

    Fred Kalbermatten – best riding, terrible editing/music, what are you wearing? Still deserves to win.

  9. Jerm
    Jerm says:

    What the fuck has frederik kalbermatten been doing! But aside from that anyone who watched (you don’t have to admit it) the ski back country edits knows its all the same thing.

    P.S. I can’t be the only person left unsatisfied from these edits.

  10. Mmmike
    Mmmike says:

    Rice vs. Carter : Rice because he had the balls to submit one perfect line. Carter’s part looks like a part that reminded me of the 1990’s.

    Rencz vs. Wiig: Wiig has style and flow but Rencz blasts it really hard. So Rencz.

    Landvik vs. Oksanen: Both are impressive riders but to me Oksanen’s looks like his part in Standing Sideways. So Landvik.

    Kalbermatten vs. Moore: Moore rips real great and has nice style too. However, Kalbermatten, first time I heard about this dude, rips it real hard and sick with the blue ice and nice selection of backcountry classics.

  11. Diggles
    Diggles says:

    Seriously @Mmmike! First time you’ve heard of Freddie K? What the fuck is wrong with the world?

  12. Tanner Hall
    Tanner Hall says:


  13. Diggles
    Diggles says:

    @Mmmike, He rode for Burton for about a million years, was in most of the Standard movies, 91 Words For Snow, and has had 35 covers.

  14. mn
    mn says:

    ahh Freddie K.. how I’ve missed his parts. I suggest watching his part in Draw the Line or any standard movie for that matter. Such an underrated rider.

  15. Oh Henry
    Oh Henry says:

    Kalbermatten is the man!! Every part he puts out has so much style and he stomps the shit out of everything! So stoked to see this from him coming back from an injury the last couple years. Mad props!

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