A Short and Shady Hump Day with Max Warbington


People like Max Warbington don’t come around all too often but when they do it’s impossible not to notice. There’s an old soul to his innovative style that fits into all walks of snowboarding. He’s been changing the game for years with the Tre Squad and more recently has worked on projects with Lick the Cat and rumor has it that his part in Under Dawgs is going to catch the attention of all those who see it. The best part about him is that he’s all in it for the fun and will flash that big grin of his all day on or off the mountain. This Bend boy is down to earth as they get and always ready for a good time, rain or shine. -Toby Witte

Thanks for talking, where you at right now?

Right now I am at Woodaward at Copper in Colorado. It’s the Gnu, Lib-tech, Mervin session right now so it’s me, my brother Gus, Brandan Reis. It’s also the Tre Squad session which is really cool.

Tell me more about the Tre squad. You guys have a following here in the Northwest.

It started out as my friend Logan Beaulieu, and Ian Borgman, Wilson Mclain. I did the same snowboard program when I was little as Logan and we started shredding together making edits and calling them the squad. We put Tre Squad on all of our videos, but it has definitely escalated..I dunno. It exploded. It’s pretty funny.

No one makes the vest look iller. Photos: Tyler Orton

And you guys are the masterminds behind Shorts and Shades?

Ah yes, shorts and shades was something that started back when Tre Squad was in its roots. It was just me and Gus and Logan and Ian Wilson and my friend Beef. It was just some random day at Logan’s house and we just decided to go up in shorts and shades just wanting to make a funny edit. Rode all day, came down and uploaded the footage on to Windows movie maker and looked for songs. We didn’t want it to be techno or a classic funny song, we wanted it to be Metal, but none of us know any metal. We hit up our friend Katie Williams who was all into punk and metal at the time. She gave us some Three Inches of Blood and a couple other ones. We used a Cannibal Corpse song or something like that. Or maybe it was Drangonslayer. Dragon fire? I don’t know. We put it together and it just turned out super funny. From then on we made it a tradition. I think we’ve figured out some new formulas for it each year. (laugher) It started out as just us with shorts and shades on and this year was just insane. We did it for a full week on closing this year, Ran shorts and shades every day. Every single day there was a least 50 kids up there in shorts and shades hollering Tre Squad. This year it was snowing and not sunny, but kids were up there ripping in shorts and shades with us. Gnarly sunburns still though because no one ever thinks to cover up their legs.

Tell me about the ICP concert you went to after Shorts and Shades this year.

Logan works for a promotion company that brings concerts into Bend, so he realized there was an ICP concert on last day of Shorts and Shades. We put it up on Facebook that the standout rider of Shorts and Shades would get a ticket to ICP. Once we realized that going to ICP was a possibility we had to do it. We watched American Juggalo like three times to get hyped. It was hilarious. We rolled in full face paint. Got super juggled out, rolled in there throwing out whoop whoops. It was awesome. It was the funniest concert. It was me my brother, Sage Kotsenburg, Austin Ford and Logan. We were in there as a part the juggalo family. Instantly. As soon as we walk in the door there are people giving us hugs. Being like “Yeah Family, whoop whoop” we got drenched in Faygo. It was insane.

I wonder what the words “switch back tail” would mean to a juggalo

So are you are you a fan now? ICP for your next part?

I wouldn’t say that I am a fan of the music or anything or…them even but if an ICP concert came back I would go again. I mean the music sucks to listen to, but live it is insane. They have the craziest stage presence, and they are constantly shooting bottles of faygo into the crowd. They shake them up and then launch them into the crowd, rocket style. We were in the mosh pit and this kids right in front of me just got decked. floored. We were ankle deep in faygo. None of us even knew what faygo was before we went. We don’t have it in Oregon you know? We thought it was some sort of Malt liquor that came in a 40 or something. Then we found out that it’s just soda. Shitty, Shasta Cola style soda. We all were like what the fuck, why are they so down for this drink?

Did you ever find an answer?

I guess it’s because they are both from Detroit. They just held onto it and that’s just their shit now.

I heard your family has a safari style farm. Peacocks?

Ya, the family has a farm out in Tumalo. A little farm town about ten minutes from Bend. We’ve got close to 50 sheep, five horses, peacocks, a big African dessert tortoise that’s like a foot around. He’s huge. My dad is a vet and he owns Tumalo Veterinary Hospital in Tumalo. We end up getting a bunch of crazy rescue animals and stuff. It was really cool growing up there. Lots of animals, land to build bike jumps and whatever. It was a good way to grow up.

Your younger brother has a double positive stance, has he always rocked it?

When we were growing up he was super good at rails. When he was ten he could do switch nose presses and rail tricks that we didn’t even realize were hard yet. We could do board slides and he was doing back three ons. He was like a rail prodigy. But then he broke his back and was out for a season. He came back and was a little over it for a while. I was doing contests and he was kind of tagging along and wasn’t too stoked on contests. Now that we are both filming more and doing our own thing. He just has this sick style, he rocks a double positive stance most of the time. Full on ripper style.

And he also has double victory in the Gerry Lopez big wave challenge?

Ya, the Gerry Lopez Big wave challenge is a Surf-style, surf judging contest where they make this cool wave course out of snow. Two years ago was the first year that we did it. It was funny because we were all just ripping around. It’s right after super park so a bunch of people are in town. Gus wasn’t really riding with us so none of us even saw Gus go. At the awards the announcer walked past us and was like, “what’s up Gus?” and keeps walking. Immediately we were like “Oh shit, Gus won…” He fully leaked it to us at the awards. I think Josh Dirksen got third. They announce Gus winning we just freaked out. When you win you get a trip to Hawaii to stay in the Volcom house. So we got to go do that last summer. It was the most incredible trip. Then this season comes around and on the last day of super park I messed up my ribs trying a back ten at super park so I was kind of just chilling at the house during the big wave. Everybody was hyping up Gus being like “Yo Gus, you gotta get a two-peat. Nobody thought it would actually happen. Even if he deserved to win. We just didn’t think they would give it to him twice in a row. I gotta call from Blake Paul being like “dude…Gus won.” So we won another trip to Hawaii, got some surfboards. It was insane. He is the surf King.

LTC. You already know.

Do you guys actually Surf?

No, (laughing) neither of us surf. I’ve surfed like twice. I want to surf more, but so does everybody. That event was made for him though, i swear.

Is there something in the water that make people from Bend good at banked slaloms?

That is definitely a thing. It’s just the way Bachelor is. There is a lot of wind-lipped terrain and it’s kind of a flat mountain so you get really good at pumping stuff. It’s really the perfect combination that makes some of the best riders. Dirksen, Page, Austin, Curtis, B-fox. I donut even know. The list goes on.

And you got third at the Derby this year, correct?

Ya I was SO hyped. Especially because the elite class exists. Like, you have to place in the top three to get into the elite class. There are like, 15 people in it.

Terje hasn’t even cracked that code yet. By that standard, you are faster than him.

Ya dude, Terje, Blauvelt. It’s mad local dudes who did it the first couple years. Austin, Brian, Curtis, other fast dudes like Knut. I was stoked because I thought I had blown it. I was SO surprised at the awards, It was the sickest moment of my season.

Landing looks mellow.

What’s going on with The Under Dawgs movie? I heard you got added to the movie after the teaser.

It’s a tribute to Drake Edwards. He was the awesomest shred dude. He tragically passed away in a car accident right after he was at my house about three days after the Derby. It was really cool though because we got to spend his last couple days on a board together. He had been at my house the whole time with the crew. We had pow the whole time and he got to hike the cone at Bachelor which is this really awesome pow run. He got to meet a bunch of people and we all just had the best week. It’s all for Drake. It’s too cool for words really. The whole crew and the vibe of the movie, Colton is the sickest editor. I am just so stoked to be in there with those dudes.

I understand you have a tattoo in honor of Drake?

Ya I got a portrait of Mount Hood. A silhouette sort of, of the mountain and trees and it says “every day is LDOH” which stands for last day on hill. That was Drake’s quote on Instagram. “every day is last day on hill.” That’s how he lived life. He was the nicest, stoked dude. The friendliest guy. I got that to remember him by.


The death of a shred friend is always tragic, but a lot of times it pulls people together in interesting ways. Is there a silver lining?

Ya, as sad as it is, it makes life that much more special, and gives you the ability to be grateful for what you have and to appreciate everyone in your life.

The last question is a lighter one, give me the low down on French Vanilla and the Creamers?

(laughter) Well…If you watch the GNU super park video, the first song in that video is by French Vanilla and the Creamers. It is me, my brother, Blake Paul, and Kyle Martin. We basically were at Mammoth this year for Grenade Games and we did a Dragon photo shoot down there. Blake had garage band on his computer so we were just kind of like “Should we just record some tracks right now?” We made an 8 song album of these super hilarious tracks and we made all the beats. It’s not all rap. There is an R&B song, a club Song, a 90’s rock ballad.

DAMN, can we find this on the internet?
Nope you can only get the CD. Otherwise you would have to Talk Blake into Uploading it and I think he is scared to. Make sure you put that in there. We gave the CD to Burtner and he told us he might use it. Super park video came out and it’s just us rapping super loud, and we are rapping when are snowboarding.

Shout outs?
All my sponsors: GNU, Bent Metal, Dragon, Airblaster, POW gloves, Mt. Bachelor, Side effect, Boardshop, Crab Grab, Cobra dogs, My family, my girlfriend, all my friends and everybody that is up there shredding.

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