Pat’s Picks #2


When we introduced Pat’s Picks a little over a week ago, it gave Churrboy enough of a boner to comment again, and if that’s not a sign it’s awesome, we don’t know what else is. But last Friday, my gmail apparently ate his email and I never received these gems. Thanks to the magic of facebook messaging though, they’re here just a few days late…

Here is an awesome history lesson/ interview with two of the godfathers of freestyle boarding Mark Gonzales and Natas Kaupas. Inspiring stuff and a funny discussion on how politics and sponsorship works.

My friend Greg Wilson who used to be a pro boarder back when Rome Snowboards first started up shot this crazy clip of cheetahs running at 100 frames per second for National Geographic. It’s nuts. Go fullscreen and turn it up. Greg was the guy in the old Iron Curtain video that caught his nose on a switch bs 270 and front flipped the entire double set, but was fine.

This is what summer is all about. Better than any pow day….well most. Say what you will about longboarding being easy or dumb but it’s most fun.

Climbing is not much of a spectator sport but Lonnie Kauk is on another level. this clip of him racing up a V11 bolder problem (thats hard) is pretty sick to me.

This new music video from Cass McCombs is a cool Retrospect of skateboarding and how it has progressed thanks to dudes like Lance Mountain, Natas Kaupas, Ray Barbee, Matt Hensley, Gonz, Pat Duffy, Guy Mariano, Jerry Hsu

OMFG the Berrics recently dropped this part from a kid named Chase Webb that is relatively unknown and absolutely killing it doing 270’s, combos, giant rails, and all sorts of stuff that makes street snow looks silly.

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  1. basshole
    basshole says:

    overall pretty disappointing choices for the week…cheetah video was fucking badass, tho

  2. boneyballsack
    boneyballsack says:

    I got stoked to finally see a longboarding edit on this site but it was just surfing

  3. snatch
    snatch says:

    LK on a v11 is another level? really? that literally couldnt be farther from the truth. and hes only started recording his free solos cuz he wants to be honnold.

  4. A.D.V.
    A.D.V. says:

    I thought the “longboarding” video would have contained the usual dick “cruising” to starbucks to get his skinny latte while not being able to stop….
    I was wrong:it was even worse

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