Patchfest 2013


Wanna have a good time? Get some friends, some beers, and find yourself a patch of snow. Call it an event if you want, or just go get wild.

Riding: David Mann, Brenton Aikin, Joey Odom, Jordan Wells, Andrew Brewer, Lou Macias, Jacub Vert, Johnny Lucero, Fancy Rutherford, Josh Gibbs, Bryce Salazar, Tommy House, Jimmy Davis, Niko Nakamura, Shane Sayers


Kieth Rutherford
Duane Bratsch
Andrew Guddat

  • Truckeen

    Looks like so much fun!
    I am going next year !
    Stoked on a free summer shred event!

  • Ice coast

    Good thing there aren’t any black snowboarders, cause they straight just lit a cross on fire.