Snow Park New Zealand Closed For Good


Snowpark New Zealand is probably most famous for Ken Block’s zany snow rally car driving antics, but it was also the first “dedicated freestyle facility,” and a popular spot for boarders over the years. But despite tons of early season snow, it looks like Snowpark NZ is no more. It was purchased by Southern Hemisphere Proving Grounds earlier this month and in an article on Mountain Scene the new owners have no plans to build a park or pipe this year.

“Short summary is we only got a modest amount of interest really, there isn’t the demand. So we’ve pretty much decided we won’t be building a pipe and park this year at all.

“We may cater for some race teams, slalom and GS teams, with race lanes in late August this year or future years.”

Instead the facility will be used for ice driving experiences for European car manufacturers’ New Zealand dealerships and conference and incentive groups.

Guess we’ll strike that one off the bucket list as never gonna happen and we really hope those Euro car dudes have fun doing donuts in the parking lot. And hey, this indoor place looks almost as fun, right?

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  1. handbanana
    handbanana says:

    Couldnt you drive a car like anywhere else? Sounds like the guys who purchased this place are fucktards to the max with no plans or business sense. Have fun loosing money on something lame.

  2. MIKEGrass
    MIKEGrass says:

    “We may cater for some race teams, slalom and GS teams, with race lanes in late August this year or future years.”

    Oh, ski racing and ice drifting bro? Fucking cool.

  3. Juan
    Juan says:

    Unfortunately this did not come out of the blue and some people did a lot (some people not so much) to fight for this place. At this point people are kind of doing what they can. The car testing and ski racing is not a half ditch effort compared to some. Definitely a unique place but never was a solid, sustainable business.

  4. Jerm
    Jerm says:

    @boneyballsack, Have you ever been to Mt. Hood? Ski racers and their camps greatly outnumber snowboarders and snowboard camps.

  5. remos
    remos says:

    idk any place sporting three seperate pipes and on the entire other side of the planet can get shutdown for all i care. i wasnt taking a 15 hour flight to go ride a patch of slush anyways.

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