Red Bull Names Travis Rice Top Snowboarder in the World

Travis Rice - Portrait

In snowboarding, advertising has always had a major influence over content, but in these trying times for the media, advertising has simply become content. The brands have the money and resources to get it done, and you guys apparently don’t give a shit, so we’re accepting it day by day as a tiny part of our souls die. That said, anyone been paying attention to Red Bull’s top 20 snowboarders list? They’ve dragged it out day by day to fill max pageviews and today they finally announced the long awaited number 1! You probably guessed it’s Travis Rice.

Could there have been any doubt that Travis Rice would top this list? His body of work over the last twelve years has consistently shown us the future of snowboarding and there are many masterpieces to consider.

Granted, Travis is sick, although his “number 1” status at this current moment in snowboard history is definitely up for debate (ahem Nico) and we can’t help but feeling like they MAY be a little biased due to the giant Red Bull Helicopter in the photo behind him. But this is the future, and at least Red Bull keeps our fridge stocked. Please mister, sell me something else now.

Link: Red Bull

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  1. Come on yobeat
    Come on yobeat says:

    Who gives a shit about red bulls stupid list. Travis Rice is a rediculously good snowboarder and deserves the credit. At the end of the day just go board. Props to T Rice.

  2. Mmmike
    Mmmike says:

    It might be biased but I have difficulties not naming him #1. For me it’s not Shaun White or any guy who does only rails. TRice is probably the best Freestyler/freerider guy around now. Even if a guy like Jake Blauvelt or Nicolas Muller rips with more style…

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