Grindhouse’s Mind Games Teaser

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Imagine if Americans copied British videos like we do with their TV shows. Basically, it would be like this teaser, just slightly less entertaining. Good thing we don’t do that.

Featuring: Will Smith, Andy Nudds, Jamie Nicholls, Ollie Dutton, Tom Guilmard, Jonny Russell, Simon Foster, John Weatherley, Stu Edwards, Matt Higson, Tom Honey, Andy Laird, Jon Addison, Stuart Horsham & Ian Ashmore.

  • spenciepoo

    last two tricks omg!

  • Trouble is you Americans know this shot is good as any of you shit! Hands down fact. Stop hating and appreciating! 😉

    • Correction:
      Trouble is you Americans know this shit is as good as any of your shit…
      Haters gona hate!
      Quit hating and start appreciating! Your not the best at this shit…

  • shouldnt we wait to be insulted before telling people not to hate?

  • @ Mikee

    your a fucking idiot. No one hated on this. The only comment is a complement. Obviously your drunk and should take a break.

  • West Yorkshire’s finest.

  • dumbBritt

    will smith…gettin jibby with it….

    go ahead, thumbs down should be about
    here V

  • dumbBritt

    fuck you yobeat for autoformatiing my comment so my arrow to the thumbs down was way off. never coming to this website again.

  • harshzeach

    Heavy stuff right there..

  • Ryland

    This looks sick!