Real Yobeat Comments Spoken Dramatically: Part 3


These are some comments you guys wrote about pros…Spoken Dramatically.

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  1. nose
    nose says:

    Yea so…great read and all, but still, NO ONE IS ANSWERING ME. Is the arm prebang something that we will see coming out of every summer edit this summer or what? Has Scott Stevens been notified that this is the new shit???!!! At least tell Ben Macky. Get his ass throwing this shit out after some mega rail sit spin double sow cow on a down flat down and we’ll turn this trend into FACT.
    A-man, chime in bro.

  2. IceCoast
    IceCoast says:

    Best one yet. The first two were “ehh” but I actually laughed a few times at this one. I was hoping these would die off, but now I’m looking forward to the next one.

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