The 2013 Mt Baker Sesh-Up


Local Chris Bowlin kicks out a big method for the crowd, closely followed by Kael Martin

Words: Matt Wainhouse
Photos: Brad Andrew

Better late than never was the theme for the 2013 Mt Baker Seshup. Started in the early 2003 by Jason Speer, Brad Andrew and others, this gathering was originally called “Grandma’s Last Call.” the Seshup has turned into an annual event put on by Northwest riders for the sake of a little airtime, beer drinking and seeing some crazy maneuvers. Taking place at the famous Granny’s Step-Up, this hand built kicker and massive runway were sculpted in less than 24 hours by a crew of 40+ riders.  Due to weather not cooperating in May, the event got pushed back to June 9th, which caused the build crew to reroute the run-in. As usual, the run-in was a gnarly, rutted washboard that made you hold on for dear life while pointing it towards the kicker.

Meanwhile kegs were being tapped and beers were cracked by the 200+ folks that showed up. The session went off around noon, skiers and boarders alike charged at the 40 foot jump. Plenty of death plunges, double flips, and of course methods happened — providing some quality entertainment for the crowd. Although the combination of sun rays, beers, and hiking the jump can drain your energy after a few hours, the Seshup is always the perfect capper to the season. Thank to Steven Goodell for running this grassroots event and providing the keg!


  • Dag

    West coast motherfuckers

  • a

    most-jumped jump in the world?


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    There are pictures of me on YoBeat!!!!!! My life is complete

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    skiers & boarders organized and built this event. Quit bringing your board-centric bullshit to an awesome event. We all slide snow, you elitist douches.

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    @seaburn Don’t bring your skierfag personality to a snowboarding website.