Thursdays at the Office: Upstate Mike


Upstate Mike is more than a Yobeat commenter, he is a real person with arm tattoos and an aryan complexion.

  • JP Walker

    Well its good to know that Upstate Mike is just as gay as his comments are not funny.

  • Justin’s bong

    Brooke when do I get to go to the office ?

  • Upstate take-over!

  • Upstate Mike is my kind of dude

  • ‘Merica

    Jonah Hill?

  • shitballs

    pretty sure blinghamton isnt upstate…

  • I wish I didn’t change my names every time I commented, maybe I could have gone to the yobeat office.

  • upstatemike.

    @ merica… is that jonah hill pre or post stomach staple?

  • Mdot

    Goons sticker!

  • Where teh roller blade footage on that minirampz?

  • Mike is the man!

  • Dr.B


  • Upstate Mike is the Ryan Howard of YObeat

  • McKayla Maroney

    Rad dude! now where does a beast coaster aquire yawgoons stickers

  • Funny that I was pulling stick at the same time he was watching Brooke.

  • Timwindells’ballsack

    Just bring Mountainous in already.

  • oblique

    is everyone who works for burton hip?

  • qqrrr

    its funny how you actually look at peoples Ip addresses…. making fun of snowboarding huh?

  • Keith Duck

    Brook is negative funny. Girls don’t know humor. Yolo42069

  • Alex

    Upstate mike for president!

  • hate

    this was painful to watch