A Tuesday Mini Movie


With all these season edits or full parts or park parts or whatever you wanna call them (really, it’s your video, call it whatever you damn well please) dropping, seemed a good time to toss together a little mini movie of some of our faves.

Out of Dirty Jerz we have Kevin Kaczynski, terrorizing the east coast all season with his pants.

Spencer Clark is riding to a Will Smith song called Miami, which makes perfect sense, because he’s from Colorado.

And finally Cam St. Pierre, boarding Boreal. Better?

Edit: you’d think we’d be better at cut and paste by now. Here’s Dom’s part for you nerds who notice that shit.

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  1. Idaho?
    Idaho? says:

    Whatchu talkin bout Yobeat? All of Cam’s video was shot at Boreal… that ain’t Idaho.

  2. buckertrown.
    buckertrown. says:

    got until 1:14 into the second video then realized that kid should stop riding his little brothers snow skate on the slopes maybe then hell stay on top of rails

  3. snowboardkid900
    snowboardkid900 says:

    Second dude was horrendous, it was literally painful to watch how hard he was trying. Should probably take next season off in the park and just cruise the trails. Kevin and Cam’s videos were tight bungus though.

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