Shorts and Shades 6


Shorts and Shades is an epic Mt Bachelor tradition dating back at least a six years to ride closing day in you guessed it, shorts and shades. The result is a epic time filled with super progressive boarding, or whatever. Watch it, or if you don’t feel like watching all 15 minutes, just skip to the end for the real action.

Featuring the ripping of: Austin Ford, Gus Warbington, Sage Kotsenburg, Lucas Wachs, Will Dennis, Justin Sampson, Jake Foster, Alex Lopez, Jordan Rymer, Desiree Melancon, Tanner Annichiarico, Dylan Craig, Kenny Strofe, Connor Turney, Demetri Bales, and some legendary dude on a lamar board.

Filmed by Max Warbington & friends. Edited by Max & Gus Warbington

  • anothercanadian

    This looks fun

  • That camera guy

    Camera guy’s laugh sounds exactly like Steve Carell in the 40 yr old virgin. Oh and 9:55 fuck yeah.

  • Vtsundayshredder

    FUCKING RAD! Bachelor crew knows how to close a place down.

  • Sam

    This is what snowboarding movies are suppose to be

  • o.O

    These boys are the frontflip Gods!

  • Homeboy on the Lamar

    See you crazy dudes next season

  • fuck ya so sick! resort destruction at its finest


  • taylor

    I’m hyped for november

  • Squad

    Jfada is permanently turnt up

  • damn kids

    but really this looks like ooddles of fun


    Nice work s&s6 you almost killed a man & loved it where are your morals?

  • Nuggets

    “J FADA COMIN’ IN DRUNK AS SHIT” hahaha this edit tops all other videos ever created.

  • Brooks

    My favorite edit I gotta say. That looked like the best days ever

  • Jesus Christ

    Keep skiing out of snowboarding.

  • Satan

    That skier can shred a board harder than you!

  • IceCoast

    Had two emotions watching this: 1) Stoked because it was rad as hell. 2) Depressed because closing day here is more snow and better conditions than midseason east coast.

  • i saw pants


  • upstatemike.

    2 things that should never go together…skiing and metal.

  • upstatemike is a 40 yr old virgin

  • the world

    fuck upstate mike

  • boolash

    these are the types of shitheads that give snowboarders a bad name… and i love them for it

  • upstatemike.

    wow you guys took that all wrong…i was saying that metal just does not match the delicate nature of the the beautiful art form known as skiing.

  • youre a gay fish upstatemike

  • Jesus Christ

    Satan, I spent all winter hanging with Nick Visconti and Jim Rippey, switch back-lipping kinks and sending backies over huge cliffs. They’ll vouch for me. No one rips harder than your lord and savior. “Freeskiers” are an abomination and shall spend an eternity in hell repenting for their sins.

  • Hey Jesus

    No but really he snowboards better than you.

  • upstatemike.

    so if i start banging dudes, and say “dude it’s fine, i bang chicks better than you”, it’s not gay right?