What Now: The Plans of the Pros

Now that you’ve pulled your head out of the toilet and woken up from your Memorial Day hangover, I don’t need to inform you that riding a snowboard over the coming months in the Northern Hemisphere is gonna be downright difficult (outside of summer snowboard camps, duh!). Fuck summer. It’s a depressing time of year and we feel your pain. In an attempt to get a grip on our reality and negative feelings about summer creeping in and all the gross shit this horrible season brings us, we asked our favorite professional snowboarders how they are going to cope during the downtime. Take notes. Party hard. We’re 150 days from opening day in North America. Good luck and Godspeed. You are going to need it.


Andrew Brewer – Windells session 4 with the Neff guys, and then and then session 6 with Technine!! Other than that I’m gonna be hanging out at the pool!!

Andrew Burns – So, my summer is gonna be pretty badass I think. I’m in Whistler right now, lots of lakes, golf, skating, and friends. I’ll be cruising down to SLC for a little bit to hang with the Levitation Project dudes, then head to Puerto Rico for a bit to surf, chill, and hang with the SGT crew and talk about summer. Back to Whistler for a little, then down to Hood for a bit, and mandatory bender in Bend on the 4th. Pretty much the raddest place to be on Independence Day! Get weird on the river and shit. End of July, I head down to Argentina to work at SGT as a backcountry guide and freestyle coach. I get to ride deep ass pow for 8 weeks, eat badass steak, drink wine and fernet, and hang with hot Argy babes. Not bad huh? Our program is kinda the shit, backcountry guiding, backcountry freestyle, crazy alpine, epic tree riding… the best! As far as your “best meal on a budget” query: steak and corn. You can get a good steak and corn on the cob, AND a tall boy, for like 7 bucks. Charcoal bbq outside the trailer, eating like a king. You gotta be nourished or you can’t do shit.


Bryan Iguchi – I hate summer but to keep sane I try to skate, hike, climb, ride my bike and surf whenever I can. If I have the cash I’ll head down to the Southern Hemisphere and chase the snow and get some mid summer pow shredding in to hold me over till next season. I also spend a lot of time trying to fix the things I destroyed on my body riding hard all winter.


Hana Beaman – Let’s see here… I’ll be heading off to the Bahamas to go sailing around some islands for 10 days!! Wooop! Pretty excited for this. When I get back I’ll have a bit of time to just chill at home before heading down to HCSC for our signature session on the 15th of June. Should be awesome! Then there might be a couple of weeks of random adventures, like taking an American Alpine Institute Alpinism class up in the Cascades, before Robin, Leanne and I head down to the southern hemisphere for our signature SGT camp session. There might be a New Zealand World Cup sprinkled in there before the SGT session. Who knows yet? That’s all as of now but things tend to fill up and get kinda hectic. For me summer is all about sun and fun, and seeing all the friends I don’t get to see during the winter. I usually need a good amount of time off snow to recharge for the next season, but summer is still pretty busy as far as travel goes. I really like to get a lot of hiking and camping in, and that usually goes along with some surfing. BBQ’n and biking around town with friends and just hanging out at home… wherever that is this summer.


Jackson Fowler – I’ll be a busy guy this summer. First off, I’m starting a Suffolk sheep farm (Fowler Suffolks) consisting of 60 all natural sheep that I will eventually sell for meat. At the same time I work construction/landscaping. Then I’ll be going up to Bristol Bay, Alaska to commercial fish for most of June and July. Once I’m back home I’ll be building a tiny home on my 1973 International Harvester flat bed to travel and live in next winter. If I ever find some free time, I’ll be fishing, camping, biking, hunting and skateboarding.

Actual summer photo photo stolen from holdenouterwear.com

Laurent-Nicolas Paquin – So mostly skateboarding. I now have 2 dogs, so walk and play with the dogs. Drink a few brews. Setup my new apartment. Also started a skateboard company called CrapSack – make decks and shit. Hang out with my girlfriend and friends. Might go on a tour of summer camps with Rome.


Louif Paradis – Biking, camping, remodeling, skating a bunch, finding cool swimming holes, campfires, playing muff, maybe travelling somewhere in Central America, building things, summer snowboarding at High Cascade, work on Deja Vu, work on Nuclear…..things like that!


Nima Jalali – Working on HOWL and Ashbury stuff non stop, traveling, skateboarding and going to Japan!


Rob Kingwill – This summer I will once again be the Head Coach at the Camp of Champions in Whistler, BC. 18 years straight of working at summer shred camp, and it is still one of my favorite things to do. I will also be using my spare time to work my ass off on product development and design for AVALON7, make some art for myself, and go fly fishing in Jackson Hole as much as possible.


Sammy Luebke – I will be living in the Lake Tahoe area, being a daddy to my daughter, staying active outdoors, painting, golfing, skating and camping!


Todd Richards – My summer consists of getting a savage wetsuit tan and probably entertaining a bored Fin named Iikka.


Tor Lundstrom – I’m going to hang out in Gothenburg and fix my new apartment and go to Folgefonna for some shredding. And then rent an RV and do a roadtrip thru Europe with some homies and drink a lot of beer! No complaining is gonna be involved.

Young man outside house holding up key, family in doorway in background, portrait

Zak Hale – Well I will be Costa Rica for a little then off to Hood for some summer shredding. Skating, bbqing, hanging in Park City. Going to try to get better at golfing and hopefully make a house purchase.

  • rob

    god damn it I wish I could have a summer like anyone of them.

  • Nathaniel

    Wheres my man Shaun White. He is the GREATEST snowboarder. I aspire to be just like him one day.

  • front blunt, nosepress…

    Zak Hale is able to purchase a house from his snowboarding career? He ain’t even that good tho. Never even filmed a full part tho

  • hail

    fuk zak hale

  • oldtimer

    Probably all going fly fishing and posting the photos on instagram….yawn.

  • Brendan Barry

    Jackson Fowler is the best.

  • ill a noiz

    yobeat. you shouldn’t complain so much about summer. just because its time off from earth surfin doesn’t make it bad. if anything it makes winter better. But that’s why whoever wrote this is your typical snowboarding trendy d bag. who always complained till their mom got em the cooler but more expensive boots. Make the most out of summer and it will be great. write crappy articles the whole time and of course itll suck!

  • brad oates

    @ill a noiz – It would be nice if you actually had a sense of humor and liked sarcasm (and snowboarding too?). I am not your typical trendy snowboarding d bag that you seem to believe I am. I usually didn’t complain at my Mom to get me the cooler more expsensive boots, I usually just called my friends at the company and had them send me a pair for free. That said, we do love summer ill a noiz – and cute pink bunnies, too.

  • T raw

    Kind of curious why Hanas didn’t just say “going to be in the kitchen and focus on my sandwich game!!” Summer Sammie’s!!!!!!!

  • harsh

    Having watched Zak Hale internet vids for years, and knowing the history of the big “B” w/ riders who probbbbably don’t have what it takes to make it to the global team- I would suggest saving your money and not buying a house. Unless of course you are secretly a way better shredder than any of your footy has ever made you look.

  • O’Lion

    ohh here come the trolls and retards….i really hope @front blunt, nosepress… is just trolling

  • Big Bro

    Dear YObeat,
    Please dont stoke andrew brewers ego. Thanks

  • silver

    Nima Jalalalali is still considered pro?

  • .

    i feel like you cant become pro nowadays with out having maaad money to go to snowboarding school, hood, and shit like that…

  • Iffs

    Yeah they have a real hard life. I’m going to be working 40 hrs a week. Last time I had a summer vacation I was in college. They are lucky ones

  • basshole

    burns wins

  • pol

    i just wish LNP would shave his goddamn unibrow

  • Shaun White

    Skateboarding, X games, cocaine. Nothing too big, casual low stress summer. Target.

  • Country Boy

    Todd Richards’ was the only one that mildly entertaining.