Colton Maddy Kmart Board Edit

Apparently that article we just wrote about the importance of getting new gear isn’t completely bulletproof.

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  1. ojc4all
    ojc4all says:

    this really proves how easy snowboarding is, we waist hundreds maybe thousands on “technology” to learn front 180’s. thanks yobeat

  2. mike rave
    mike rave says:

    That was the best things ive ever seen hands down. First board i ever had, first song i ever used in an edit.

  3. MN4Life
    MN4Life says:

    Yes, he is goofy. He is also, apparently, not human. Perhaps a member of the cat species? So light on his feet…

  4. ble
    ble says:

    i came here expecting to be impressed, im fucking blown away my dog was freaking out because i screamed what the fuck so many times. props.

  5. shredhottie
    shredhottie says:

    Big deal…a skateboarder decided to hop on a lunchtray w no edges to hinder him on the rails…yawn…kmart should sponsor him though…maybey pay for him to get a new toof..

  6. uncle kevo
    uncle kevo says:

    this kid rules life. i dont think that board is breakable…i may have to pick one of those suckers up

  7. The Mintz
    The Mintz says:

    I heard he only broke one or two of these while filming it during the whole season.

  8. Gary Dank
    Gary Dank says:

    shoulda sent it off that bitchin’ ski jump. that riding was better than most people riding $400 boards

  9. BIG nor
    BIG nor says:

    Madd dogg is my good bro. and yes all the roomers are true. he is a cat. insane man. Peidmont got lit up, and the cascade rail…? Your my hero man

  10. goosejuice
    goosejuice says:

    Interesting post to have after an article about telling your friends to get new gear.

  11. maxwell
    maxwell says:

    welp… snowboarding has reached its terminus… im putting my stuff on ebay. it was a good run.

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