A Coupla’ Vermont Edits


Vermont kids are a lot like New Hampshire kids, except slightly less sure everyone’s out to get them. It seems in recent years the New Hampshire scene has really held it down for New England (ever since people gave up on riding halfpipe), but this year, between Carinthia and Sugarbush, we’ve been seeing a lot more of the ol’ Green Mountain State. First up, a “full flick” of sorts from the Okemo Death Squad, aka Josh Barr, John Garoutte, Joe Gould, Spencer Bell, Alex VonBraun, Casey Savage, Jesse Gomez, Brit Stocker, Max Lyons, Jesse Rand, Charlie Berry & Kai Lichtensteiger. It was filmed by Elliot Leonard and edited by Casey Savage.

Now hopefully you had time to get high during that last edit, cause this next one is REAAAAAALY trippy. (just kidding kids, drugs are bad.)

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  1. maxsucksatlife
    maxsucksatlife says:

    max lyons kills it but hes such a wack person it makes this unbearable to watch.

  2. MaxLyonsLikesLittleBoys
    MaxLyonsLikesLittleBoys says:

    Did you know Max is a registered sex offender in that state of Vermont?

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