Three Colors Full Movie


The other day on Facebook someone suggested we post more park videos with hip hop soundtracks. We’re no experts, but we think they may have been making fun of us. Anyway. This is a short film that features neither.

Riders: Daniel Van Keulen, Jacco Bos, Gian Marco Maiocco, Mitch Dalle and Marco Donzelli.

  • boom

    dumb artsy euro shit.

  • fo real do?

    that shit was fucking terrible

  • Too Fast

    I think it could use a little more slow motion.

  • dicklicker

    way to much slow-mo

  • yobeatmymeat

    This would be the length of a normal edit if it weren’t fully in slow motion

  • luke

    Can’t see the landing on that last park shot…greatest anti-ender since Oliver Dixon’s death zeach on the kink rail.

  • Standard style

    TB EURO flick minus big lines.

  • all i saw was filming

  • Slow

    It was good just way to slow, needs less slowmotion amd shorter fillers

  • full movie?