Luke Zajac’s Season Edit


Trollhaugen’s newest sensation is good, real good. Did we mention he’s 12? We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: god damn tow ropes.

  • Youknowmenow

    I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, Luke Zajac is a certified dragon slayer.

  • FilmerD

    Midwest Sensation

  • 989

    I bet he can’t even triple cork…

  • JoeyD

    Kids like this make me want to quit snowboarding cause i know im worthless

  • fuckd

    I quit. trading my snowboard for ski bladez

  • Ski Baby

    Can’t wait till he starts riding pipe!

  • Shaunwhiteluvr69

    Damn that was sick! You heard it here first, this kid will be the next JP.

  • minnesota

    hell yea luke! it is insane how much his style and just tricks overall have improved all year. he makes me feel so good about the future generations. hyped to see a 1817 sticker on his helmet too. not a bad crew to be hyped on at age 12…

  • That Guy

    Lets hope puberty doesn’t fuck him over

  • Call out tho

    Its a Sad life when you can’t press

  • imanortdoe.

    damn, hes sick, i just wish he could have done a few more cab 2s

  • impressive

    Constructive criticism: this edit would have been a lot more exciting/balanced if he had thrown in some fs/swbs moves. Then again, he is twelwe, and he fucking rips.

  • I want to see a fight between this kid and Cooper

  • @KeithDuck

    Cooper aint got shit on this kid… this kid is the next big thing in the midwest hands down

  • Smoneyg

    Dear Luke, so now that you have become yobeats prodigal son and won the hearts and minds of jealous fuckers everywhere, its probably about time that you start to entertain offers from other more legiimate sponsors. I mean, I’m sure flow has been super dope to your incredibly skilled little grom ass but I’m sure that you soon will have the opportunity to get with a dope cOmpany with a program to take you to the next level. You are way to young and way too rad to get turned kook by lame corpo brands

  • jealous hater

    fuckc this kid