Flying toMilo: The A-Man Voiceover


Kids in Washington are really good too. You may not see it as much as those damn punks from Trollhaugen, but there’s a heavy group of up-and-comers brewing in the Northwest. One of them is Milo Malkoski, who happens to be the son of C3’s sales man and A-man proclaimed “World’s Worst Dad” and he was lucky enough to get some voiceover action on this season edit.

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  1. Waun Shite
    Waun Shite says:

    Not bad little shredder!
    Although if you want some seriously blumpkin-ass style points: wider stance, tighter pants, slap some leather on that bitch and you’re golden kid!

  2. 2cool4u
    2cool4u says:

    This is horrible. This is a flying tomato wannabe. Not enough spin, angle , corks, style, etc. Too many zeachs and improper tricks. This made me throw up. Reject !

  3. Steve Berra
    Steve Berra says:

    Janoski! stop lurkin around, check out the new content on my site. I’ll send you an 20$ gift code for the Berrics Canteen so you can get some fresh ass Skullcandies!

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