Yomerica! Footage Due NOW


Oh hey! Procrastinating is awesome and if it weren’t for the last minute we’d never get anything done either, but the time is now — if you want to be in Yomerica! The Movie, the deadline for submitting your footage is this Wednesday, May 1st. Here’s a handy reminder of what we need from you:

Video footage in 1080p and/or 720p. And don’t try and run it through iMovie first. Whatever came out of your camera, we want.
More importantly – Only send shots you want us to use. Don’t send us shitty footage. Send all video submissions via a file sharing service such as Yousendit or Wetransfer to [email protected].

This is definitely going to be one of the movies that comes out next year, so send us your best tricks, your most amusing falls, and any other footage you think people might actually want to watch. We’ll sort through it, edit the best stuff and make a movie we can all enjoy, together!

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