Yawgoons Spring Vacation


After milking the last little bit of snow they could at Yawgoo, the ‘Goons used their new found internet fame to score some free tickets to Loon and Killington. This video is the result.

Featuring, in order of appearance, Dylan Gamache, Marcus Rand, Tim Major, Travis Neuenhaus, Tyler L’heureux, Derrek Lever, Brian Skorupski.

  • ri guy

    Dylan gamache is an alien……frontboard on the logs was fucked! yawgoons!!!!

  • ri guy

    front board on the logs was fucked! dylan gamache bringing the heat again! damn

  • J

    there’s nothing to dislike about this video, nothing at all.

  • matt

    agin n agin… every time

  • Now quitting snowboarding. Yawgoons can have it.

  • upstatemike.

    damn thats the best killingtons ever looked!

    that log stack gap was fucked.

  • basshole

    i would pay money for a yawgoons movie…hear that dr. b?

  • Jeenyus

    oh what’s that you say? best spring edit so far? …OK…

  • O-koon

    When will they run out of ideas… Is there anymore that they could do? I’m looking for in the next edit them sky diving out of a plane with a snowboard strapped to their feet and doing a 11 corks into a frontboard thru a 6 kinked rail… Make that happen yawgoons… make it happen.

  • IC-Hooligan

    Yawgoons murdering it once again. So hyped to see Tim Major get some exposure, slays the park and a true local

  • Hash Slinging Slasher

    Sultans of Spring

  • goose juice


  • Keith Stone

    leave that chick brian outta this and its wayyy better

  • Shaun White

    Put me on Yawgoons. We get medal with me. Dont you want?

  • Max

    no solo 🙁


    If my boner for Scott Stevens wasn’t so raging I’d try to be like gamache. follow me on instagram @mrgenovese

  • The Foxy Lady, Providence RI

    Tyler L’heureux is a hammer time boss.

  • wakenbaker

    Yawgoons come to elm creek minnesota next year!

  • poopsticks

    When are the yawgoons getting their own session at summer camp?

  • dolphindaze

    this is awesome

  • Smit Up Rail Lobster Whore


  • VTboi

    Gamache = beeast

  • daehfeeb

    ![]F to the haters

  • RealPatFay

    Go snowboarding, all you need is some logs

  • Old fart

    So the parks now have rails that are knobbed on on purpose? Kids now days a brutal man

  • Style (Should) Matter(s)

    MAKE x Yawgoons Movie

  • Shaunwhiteluvr69

    What is this crap? Everyone go check out the new Torstein Shaun White edit!

  • dropping hammers like the ’98 xgamez

  • Chad the Rad

    Yup Shaun White slays! He is the best! Very, very good rail style. It is completely flawless! I want to ride just like him. I look up to him for inspiration. That’s what I want to do when I grow up.

  • mini me

    wheres mary doe

  • TaLLtired

    The finest fresh-cut timber riding I have ever seen.. or have ever seen… period. The word to describe it…. Fresh

  • Dosmafia

    Yawgoons are untouchable, Tim Major is a boss!

  • al mane low

    if makefriends and yawgoons got together for an edit……it would be so sick I would be scared to even watch it

  • Mcmorris slays


  • Mcmorris slays

    Wow they are so good with their tiny features, try that shit on some dew tour features and these guys will fucking die.

    • NEATO

      Hey! Fuck you @mcmorris slays!