Seb Toots Attempts Humor


On this oh-so-flooded world of Internet snowboard edits, it can be tough to get noticed. Seb Toots has already triple corked his way to the hearts and homes of snowboard contest fans (do those exist?) but he’s clearly set his sights on Internet domination. And the best way to go viral? Make an idiot of yourself. We think this will probably work.



Old School

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  1. Shaun rice
    Shaun rice says:

    Y’all on yo beat are just mad because you realized how dumb you look from watching that rocker video

  2. I understand
    I understand says:

    I get it YoBeat, you’re sassy because his paycheck in one month is more than you’re profit in one year.

  3. dick buttkiss
    dick buttkiss says:

    if disney channel made an interpretation of these snowboard “characters” I would expect it to look exactly like this. not funny

  4. Oliver DixonCider
    Oliver DixonCider says:

    I can see how someone might think these tricks are on point if this was their first time ever being on yobeat or any other snowboarding website.

  5. The Dude
    The Dude says:

    I actually thought those were pretty good. The trick selection matched the outfits perfectly. New headline for this article, “Yobeat attempts to be funny by bashing other people and fails.”

  6. upstatemike.
    upstatemike. says:

    he should just dress like the metal video all the time, maybe he’d actually get laid.

    (bloody drac 7 was on point)

  7. No tweak
    No tweak says:

    Worst tuck knees/taipans ever in the Rocker vid. If you are going to hate the steez at least show you could do it better. Can’t get past a stock grab without looking like he’s going to split his jeans. Oh, and Bad Religion is your “retro” edit, when were you born 93?….oh wait. this park has too much… poutin guzzling half assed narcisism.

  8. ble
    ble says:

    while not funny at all, this is actually really impressive. trick selection is perfect and it does a better job of making fun of snowboarding than the beat can ever come up with.

    DURTWEED says:

    is he good on a snowboard? yes
    does any kid who follows the scene of snowboarding, the pro’ & am’s, the movies, the trends, care about seb toots? no

    i guess it’s ok to make fun of it, but kind of like the jock who picked on the weird kids in school who skated, dressed different and ended up screwing all the cheerleaders…feels a little sad.

  10. wtf??
    wtf?? says:

    hahahaha yo oliver, are you really dissing sebs riding? do you realize this guy was better than you at snowboarding by time he was 13?? this edit is the gayest thing ever and kinda makes me embarrassed to be alive, let alone snowboard. but oliver, get a grip dude, hes easily one of the best all around boarders in the world…you’re not’re just kinda good at riding parks.

  11. Dad
    Dad says:

    All the rockers out there are just pissed that he is better at their game than they will ever be.

  12. ShredZgnar
    ShredZgnar says:

    why the hell would you put in those butter clips. It felt like hammer hammer hammer… miss. I was doing that my first year just learning to ride after seeing omeone else do it. By the next year It was embarrassing unless it was a joke or for fun. who takes that “trick” serious

  13. Mitch
    Mitch says:

    This made me realize how much more i would like him if he didn’t dress like a skiier and do skiier things. But he does dress like a skiier and do skiier things.

  14. ps
    ps says:

    Who the fuck said there was a bloody dracula 7 in the metal video?? I just watched that 3 times and there’s nothing of the sort in there.

  15. The Best In The Game
    The Best In The Game says:

    Seb is the best in the game right now, hands down
    Why mf’s be mad…smh

    #SMH #Seb #Oakley #RacksOnRacks #GucciShoes

  16. icecoastkillaa
    icecoastkillaa says:

    his rail game is really weak, most locals at any mountain have way more tricks than him

  17. JP Walker
    JP Walker says:

    The “gangster” spun too much, hit too many jumps and didn’t tap the end of rails enough.

  18. jerm
    jerm says:

    @schneids, because any brand in snowboarding is actually gangster…

    On another note, why are people so worked up by these edits?

  19. luke
    luke says:

    This isn’t a joke, it’s a quest to find a more marketable look. Come on guys, which Seb makes you want to buy O’Neil? vote now.

  20. cascadia411
    cascadia411 says:

    I coulda swore that rocker edit was poking fun at every ball hugger jean wearing Darkside VG rider.
    The Gangster edit makes my knees hurt. All old riders narrow the stance cause it blows knees.
    Retro is so ill. Hitting that shit on ghetto gear is hard. Too bad he still had legit boots and binders.

  21. Wessel
    Wessel says:

    trick selection was so good though, especially the frontside rodeo into switch frontside rodeo in the oldschool vid

  22. swagmaster
    swagmaster says:

    bout time this fag has some swag , not just looken like a full matching brand park kid with sweet googols and a go pro

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