Alex Tank’s Jib Factory


While riding for a company named “Head” might seem like a bummer, in Alex Tank’s case it’s actually pretty sweet. They built him his own set up and let him invite whoever he wanted to shred. Here’s what went down when some of the finest Euros met up at his Jib Factory.

Riders in order of appearance: Toni Kerkelä, Dominik Wagner, David Struber, Benny Urban, Will Smith, Tobi Hartmunth, Eirik Nesse, Kas Lemmens.

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  1. G
    G says:

    hate when dudes ride with their snowpants rolled up above their boots…aside from that, riding was fucking sick

  2. basshole
    basshole says:

    so many bangers! these dudes are doing it right…funny how most of the yobeat population skipped over this video because it wasnt at a shitty ropetow park in minnesota.

  3. Snolerblades
    Snolerblades says:

    Ender was not fucked, hard way back 270 on, clean and impressive but definitely not a mind blowin ending

  4. tampe
    tampe says:

    he’s just confused, because he doesnt understand that there are europeans that ride rails that good. mindcuffed americans!

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