People’s Court: The Champions Battle



Every week we pick two videos to battle it out in the name of Internet glory. It’s a win-win. You guys get something to talk shit about, and each week the winner gets a pair of Arnette goggles for their efforts. But this week, the stakes have been raised. We present to you the 1st annual People’s Court Champions Battle, the winner of which will score a sponsorship from Arnette. This means exclusive “team only” products like next year’s goggles and sunglasses, softgoods, stickers, and other VIP swag, for at least a year (and hey, if they don’t blow it, maybe someday they’ll work their way up to the team and be the next Devun Walsh, Ethan Deiss, or other snowboard celebrity.) The contenders below have been hand picked out of past People’s Court winners by Yobeat and are all worthy of such an honor, but only one can win it. So vote wisely, because YOU could be making someone’s dreams of snowboard super stardom come true.

Blake Axelson

Markus Haka

Greg Obermiessner

Dylan Hallowell

Luke Zajac

Mandatory Disclaimer: Arnette Sponsorship is for the 2013/14 season, product flow only. No purchase necessary. Internet voting is fun.

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  1. Yoman
    Yoman says:

    Honestly, rad prize this year YoBeat. Its a shame theres so many dudes who rip out there who deserve this prize but someone is going to be stoked beyond belief when they win.

  2. yobeatmymeat
    yobeatmymeat says:

    Luke. By the time he’s 18 like the other guys he’ll be pro on Arnette if you give him the sponsorship

  3. Filmerd
    Filmerd says:

    Give it to Luke. Most noteworthy people’s court submission this year. Definition of a young buck

  4. thatoneassholenobodylikes
    thatoneassholenobodylikes says:

    if lukes video was formatted properly and the song wasn’t so shitty I’d vote for him.
    all the other dudes are horrible and girl hop onto rails except that blake guy but he has too many jump shots for me to care and can barely ollie a skateboard.

  5. zuckerkorn
    zuckerkorn says:

    Regardless of how bad the filming, editing, and music is, LUKE ZAJAC. He’s most definitely the best. Watch out Red Gerard.

  6. Luke Zajac
    Luke Zajac says:

    thanks for all the votes and support i love snowboarding and trollhaugen and know the filming and editing on my video was really bad haha!

  7. Will Ferrel
    Will Ferrel says:

    Bullshit that that Dayrl kid wasn’t in here. Didn’t he beat that luke kid in his battle anyways?

  8. chodegan seiler
    chodegan seiler says:

    Vote For luke or me and benny milam will find you rape you with a rusty spoon then shit down your throtes. watch yo back.

  9. #yoloswag
    #yoloswag says:

    i heard that Luke Zajac and Benny Milam are dragon slayers??? could this possibly be true? anyways, vote for Luke. he’s a champ.

  10. nancy drew
    nancy drew says:

    i heard that me and menny bilam are dragon slayers and we are rank 3/4 and tony wagner is rank 2

  11. HP
    HP says:

    Ok, this Luke kid, yeah. He kills it every day. Definatley deserves this. By the time he’s the same age as all of these other people, he’ll still be just as good. Keep it up Lugz!

  12. No.
    No. says:

    Backflips and Frontflips are not tricks. They are beacons to find out who the douche bag of the hill is.

  13. Cody.
    Cody. says:

    Luke is wayy beter then all these other guys every trick he did in this video is just first try. These are just his regular laps.When He tries it is unbelieveable.Even in this video he did better then the other guys and he just turned twelve.

  14. Nick
    Nick says:

    OK I am not making this stuff up Luke goes to my school and i goto troll with him every so often and he taught me all the stuff i know about snowboarding. We always have a good time and always kills me at a game of SNOW. He is simply in my opion the best in this group he is 12 years old and he kills all the rails and jumps. The other guys are also very good but in my opinion Luke when he is there age will be pro GO LUKE!!!

  15. HP
    HP says:

    C’mon guys! VOTE FOR LUKE! He’s going pro! Can’t you see that! Unless you’re blind… Then I understand.

  16. justen h
    justen h says:


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