MAKEFRIENDS: Montana Welcomes You


Jake Durham headed to ol’ Montucky for a little spring break action. Between shooting guns and shot gunning beers he found some time to board with the locals.

  • chad


  • oh no

    not another trick that doesn’t make sense!

  • Travis

    Mighty Generous

  • Trash can

    where’s the bong hit?

  • Trippy trippy trippy

    ain’t had nothin to eat but some edibles

  • lifeys for days

    you guys know beer only gets you drunk if you swallow it right

  • Quinnladen

    I heard those guys are in gangs.

  • swagdaddy


  • uncle kevo


  • G

    I thoroughly enjoyed the minute and eight seconds of b roll and a 20 second back flip train with a bit of decent riding thrown in there…

  • Winona Boosh

    montana is the best state ever…. besides the meth

  • VT

    ahah that was dope