Are you a snowboarder? Then you probably have some money laying around. Admit it. Seriously. Life isn’t so bad being a middle class to upper middle class. Having established this fact let’s talk about kids with way less than you and what you can do to make their super rough lives cooler and more like yours.

Will you be in Portland, Oregon this weekend? No? Don’t sweat, check out their WEBSITE HERE to learn how you can help out or donate whatever cash you would have spent on that extra burrito, graphic T-shirt or beer.

Wait, you will be in Portland. That’s great, because tomorrow you can go snowboarding and party your face off at Nemo Design afterwards. Here’s what you can expect from the day, “The shred begins at Timberline Lodge for On-Mountain fun including awards, raffle prizes and a 2014 Burton Demo.” and while that’s fun, the night should be even better, “Night-Time good times are happening at Nemo Design in SE Portland. Come prepared for a raffle, food & beverages, and sounds by DJ Craysins and live music from Thanks. $10 at the door. 21 and up.”

So there you have it. Tomorrow you’ve got the option to go snowboarding, party, win stuff, hang with all the pros that always pop up at Nemo events and do something that you can actually be proud of. Enjoy and you’re welcome.

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