High Fives with Todd Richards: The Rap Game


If you didn’t notice this week’s Rap Battle between JP Walker and Stan/Intern/Justin then please stop reading now. If you did though, we’re piling it on by bringing Todd Richards into the mix to weigh in on what he thinks of Hip Hop, being a white dude and The Don/The Chin/JP Walker himself. Enjoy.

Yobeat: Who’s the best rapper of all time?

Todd: Oh man, probably Easy-E or Weird Al. Possibly JP Walker. Oh wait no, Jeremy Rogers, “Whisper rap. Magnums they do rip.”

Why do you hate rap?

I shouldn’t say I hate all rap. I love old Public Enemy and NWA and Del. but I can’t handle the new shit. I guess I’m too white to understand. It kind of all sounds like the same song.

Are you too white or too old?

Is there a difference? Seems the older you get the whiter you get no matter what your nationality or skin pigmentation. You just fade and die, like a zombie.

When did you stop trying to look cool in the eyes of teen snowboarders?

Man, A long time ago. I’m just trying to look cool for my kids and I’m failing miserably. My kids don’t believe that I was ever any good at snowboarding, they think Shaun White is how good you have to be to be considered good. They say, “All you can do is a 720 dad.”

Yeah but they think JP Walker is cool and good right?

JP is really good though. He is a rail machine, with flips n’ shit. Mix rapping in with that and boom it’s like Biggie meets 2pac meets Seacrest.

So your kids think JP’s the shit?

JP Walker? My kids have no idea who he is

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  1. Jib Wood
    Jib Wood says:

    time to start a smart ass company back-up, TR. it is needed and the time is right (not that the masses will get it, though).

  2. bendy pefferscorp
    bendy pefferscorp says:


    A lot of new rap does sound the same, you just have to put in a little effort to find the goods. That goes for any mainstream music really. Nice fluff piece Lipton, suck my dick.

  3. JP "The Chin" Walker
    JP "The Chin" Walker says:

    Stop making fun of me son, I want to be a toe-side terror too. I could be like the crimson chin, or something son….uhhhhhh

  4. poopsticks
    poopsticks says:

    “JP Walker? My kids have no idea who he is”

    This will be my moto when one day raising kids.

  5. ScorpionThrone
    ScorpionThrone says:

    Todd Richards listens to phish and jack johnson and wears v necks with a shaggtastic hair doo

  6. Dmob
    Dmob says:

    speaking as a member of the black community it all sounds the same… but thats because they use the same structure bpm editing software and sounds

  7. A
    A says:


  8. G
    G says:

    Todd Richards may not be a gymnast like the standard pro is now but has awesome style, a nice dude, and snowboards for the fun of it which is fucking awesome

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