Bet You Can’t: Seven Springs

It’s pretty clear that kids today are way too good at snowboarding, but AJ Lawson decided to risk and try to get 14-year-old Reid Smith to do a Back 3 of, 180 off at Seven Springs. Ladies, you’ll wanna watch this one. Maybe.

Edit: Ian Macy

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  1. Knees
    Knees says:

    This kid actually can Bs3 F1 out, but doesnt know how to break and slash. Thanks for the knees buddy.

  2. Dopeninja
    Dopeninja says:

    i agree with yobeatmymeat. every edit he’s in he back three on. which is super sick givin his size and age, but bet you can’t are supposed to be a little more challenging

  3. Sm1tHR3!D
    Sm1tHR3!D says:

    Hey, this isn’t Reid but he’s really cool and a great snowboarder so everyone should stop being mean.

  4. dogshitsthenyouhavetocleanitup
    dogshitsthenyouhavetocleanitup says:

    Reids sick as shit, see him riding all the time and showing everybody up including myself… props to that kid, props for getting on betyoucant

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