The 13th Annual Last Call VIDEO


One three minute video can’t possibly embody all the action from the 13th Annual Last Call at Loon Mountain, but lucky for those of you who missed it, we weren’t the only one’s filming and there’s more where this came from. Here’s what we managed to capture on digital pictures. Check the full story, results and a buncha photos here.

  • aaaaaand worst song award goes to yobeat


  • Bruce

    ^you’re the embodiment of everything wrong with the world

  • Upstatemike.

    Really glad I got so drunk the night before that I slept right through it. Son of a bitch.

  • boneyballsack

    they have such a sick park

  • Montey

    Its not like they would have let a skier do the comp @upstatemike

  • random black man

    pretty sad filming and editing for a yobeat edit. boo.

  • Brooketheultimatescenester

    Wow there was about 8 girls competing and granted sometimes they don’t go as big but really Brooke your kind of a girl why wouldn’t you put any shots in there besides Mary’s 5050 to pathetic nose press which everyone said she did through the kink even though it was another female gotta love yobeat setting women’s snowboarding back even further

  • ^no one cares about womens snowboard. get over it. we give them a high five once in awhile because we hope its going to lead to a bj from them or one of their friends down the road. you want womens snowboarding coverage, start a womens snowboarding blog and have it last longer than a year.


    Did someone capture the Erection Plant on footage?

  • Jerm’s Mom

    Thats muh boy!

  • Tortise

    I heard that Yobeat’s filmer had TONS of good clips of girls and then Brooke personally asked him to take them all out. What a bitch!

  • upstatemike.

    @montey…damn. thanks for filling me in, i’m totally new to this snowboarding thing, just trying to get a handle on things.

  • Joeyfromvermont

    So I drove all the way to this loon place and the trick park was closed for some type of snowboarder challange thing. Never going back there

  • SuMFilMer