February at Stevens Pass


It would appear the locals are trying to blow Stevens Pass out. Don’t be fooled, riding park boxes is where it’s at and they just get covered up with snow in Washington. Wet, heavy snow.

Edit: Eric Miller

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  1. bdub
    bdub says:

    Woke up to 15 inches in the report for Steven’s. Watching this got me even more hyped for riding today. Happy St Pattys Day bitches

  2. NW methods are the best
    NW methods are the best says:

    So refreshing to see an edit used entirely without a gopro
    Don’t let the shots fool you. It rained in Washington to 10000 feet from February 28th until St. Paddys day. Whatever all the rail dogs are going to be sessioning Hood all summer. boxes for day. LAME.
    Good work sick edit NW POW is great when the stars align.

  3. Hater
    Hater says:

    This generation of stevens riders are a bunch of hacks. P.S. go find some new terrain that shit is so played out.

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