Toeside Terrors: Contest Moms and Cougars

The Toeside Terrors' exciting lives continue. Most recently, they scored a super sick ice lair with a dinosaur skeleton.


"We need to go to the U.S. Open and get ourselves on camera. Plus, I heard Hansu Weith will be there. This could be our chance to finally end that miserable-sell-out son of a bitch's life." said Tech.


When they arrived at the U.S. open in sunny Vail, Colorado, they found one thing: Big-boobed contest moms. "Was this heaven?" They asked themselves. In no time, the Toeside Terrors got to work on hitting on contest cougars.


Deeply emerged in motor boating boobies, the TT's failed to realize that Hansu Weith was taking his run. This would have been the perfect time to end Hansu because he is defenseless while he does his boot grabs.

The sex-hounds talked their way back to the cougars expensive snow chateaus. By the time they got inside, they were too drunk and horny to remember their intentions of stopping Hansu.


Just as things started heating up, Terry saw Hansu Weith in the window.


The cougar dropped her top and began shooting lazer beams from her breasts. Death rays whizzed by Terry's bird-like face.


With his signature "MCRAWWW," Terry crotch-thrusted the robot's head into oblivion.


The other TT's made it out ok too. After all, they are super heroes. Mr. Anonymous figured it out when he saw Hansu's gum wrappers on the floor. Tech was quoted in saying "I could smell that robot skank from a mile away."


The Weekend Warrior successfully tamed the robot with booze. They are now dating.

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  1. clayton bigsby
    clayton bigsby says:

    “Holy shit! Was that an inverted cab 1080 with a melon grab!? That bitch is craaazy!”

  2. Quibids Software
    Quibids Software says:

    Good job! Thanks for this sort of topical article as I had been in a position to discover here. I agree with much of what’s written right here and I will be coming back to this site again.

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