Ask a Pro: What do you want to be when you grow up?

Grow_UpSnowboarding for a living. As Nick Dirks said in These Days, “The best part about being a snowboarder is not having to care what day it is.” and really, who on this site hasn’t dreamt of snowboarding for a living. Getting the cool boxes of shit sent to you over and over again. Traveling the country, if not world, in a tireless trek for good times with great friends. But, in a sport marketed to children and pioneered by young adults, what’s the goal of those who forgot to grow up? Yobeat asked (and judged) a few folks, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” to find out.

Blake Geis/Nitro Kid: Growing up is for suckers. I wanna be a kid forever

Classic answer for someone still not getting paid. 

Cory Grove/Cobra Dog Dictator: Grow up? Ooof. Haven’t actually thought of that yet. But when I do… Hhhmmmm I guess the only other thing I would do besides what I do now is go on one of those missions to Mars they are planning where you don’t come back. I like Earth but Mars would be pretty tight.

For any Cobra Dog fan, I hope this never happens. I don’t know what I’d do without those sweet wieners in my mouth. 

Andrew Brewer/Pro Dude: I wish I could be a fighter pilot or an astronaut!! But both of those are out of the question. So I want to be a lottery winner! Duh.

Sounds like Brewer has a hard on for airtime. 

Durrell Williams/Likes white women:  If you want my honest opinion I think a professional surf filmer. Traveling the world to filming people rip and seeing the hotest babes. Or, being Jay z.

 Actually rather possible…

Marie Hucal/Rome Kid: When I grow up I want to open a traveling brewery on wheels.

When I grow up I want to drink and drive too!

Possum Torr/New Zealands best snowboarder ever: Hmmmm this is a tough one… I want to be a soccer mum, minus the kids, keep the rich husband though, preferably Ryan Gosling.

 Dear Rich Guys, Possum is hot, and hot for a sugar daddy. 

Darrah Reid/Tosh.0 star:  When I grow up I want to be healthy and happy and well traveled and educated and making a difference in my community… I think I want to work with people with mental illnesses..real talk. There’s not enough resources. But this is all after my hugely successful boarding career takes off obviously…oh and I want to be in love, and I want to not have to live on couches anymore

Yawn… what a Canadian answer…

Todd Richards/Olympian/Actor/Father/Knows Tony Hawk: Herpes.

That’s one way to get into the Vagina of young women again…

So, from lottery winners and surf photogs to sexually transmitted diseases and soccer Moms, it seems like Pro Snowboarders have the same (if not slightly beaten down) dreams as the rest of us. Got a question you want asked? Comment below and if it doesn’t suck maybe we’ll use it.


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  1. harsh
    harsh says:

    If your last name isn’t Rice or White it’s probably a good idea to have some type of a skill-set other than your lipslide. But then again, the world needs plenty of bartenders.

  2. Nick Lipton
    Nick Lipton says:

    Winona Boosh. Devil Dogs? In Lincoln Park? Let’s get a little more wild than that, huh? Email me to make it happen.

  3. Jib Wood
    Jib Wood says:

    @CK11 no need to ask shaun white, he is now into directing disney movies, true story (was shooting at brighton and solitude this year)… and yes it looked even lamer than it sounds.

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