The First Annual Carinthia Open

What’s a competition in Southern Vermont without a handplant from Shaun Murphy?

Words: Pat Fay
Photos/Captions: Erik Hoffman

After spending this past week at Mount Snow and living it up at Carinthia, I think I have hope again. Maybe Southern Vermont’s snowboard scene can make it without a yearly stop from the likes of Shaun White and Mark McMorris, and very much of that will be due to the Carinthia Parks Crew. Jokes aside, I will say it was a pleasure watching the crew piece together their “mega plaza,” and yeah, it was definitely mega. Huge thank you to the crew for leaving the set-up open on Sunday and letting gapers like me hit it, and also for keeping the rest of their parks on point for the whole week as they worked diligently on the course. Oh, and by the way I expect this contest to grow into one of the biggest snowboard competition in the East Coast, so don’t be a pussy and show up next year.

Tim Sullivan’s miller flip worth as many angles as we can fit into this review.

On the morning of Saturday, March 9th as fresh corduroy turned to slush and the sun climbed its way into a bluebird sky, competitors were already on the mountain getting some practice runs in, so the contest pretty much ran from nine to five. The six or so female competitors got the first crack at the course and I’m going to have to be an asshole and admit that I didn’t watch much of that.


The guys’ Am division followed and the advertised “jam-style” comp had all the structure of a USASA rail jam and none of the chaos of an actual jam style comp (my only complaint from the event). While it was maybe a bit too official for some riders it didn’t hinder them from throwing down. There are probably twenty-something names I can honorable mention here because I don’t know how they narrowed it down to a top three, but I’m not a name-dropper. Max Lyons.

Max Lyons laying back and catching some C’s.

Watching the Pro Division was a blast due to the announcer having zero regard to taboo, he called last run maybe seven or eight times but no one was having it. The riders, who were almost 100% locals, continued to throw down their hammers until the contest came to one of the more anti-climactic finishes I’ve witnessed, which left all the riders strapped in at the top of the course, chilling hard. I almost forgot to mention that some kid did do a rodeo 450, 450 out on the huge-ass tank, but I failed to find out what his name was. No one was sure if mystery man could do a proper front board but I will say he stomped the fuck out of that rodeo. We also learned that Zack Wilmot can unstrap faster than you.

Ian Keay and a plethora of C’s.

Guess who won the Pro Division? The local hero, Shaun Murphy, had a hell of a week and came back from what I believe was his first official Bataleon trip to collect two thousand dollars, a case of Red Bull, an icy Nixon watch, and probably some other shit, all on about two hours of sleep. Shaun was spotted later that night, indeed wearing his new watch sipping a vodka Redbull. Shaun took home the goods due to his subtle raping of the entire course, and obviously his uncanny ability to 540 out of rails and make it look easy. Shout out to Ralphie, Ralphie is a dog. Second place went to Tim Sullivan, who was sending stales, back flips, as well as stale backflips over the back of the wall ride. Third went to C team rider Casey Willax with a standout frontside 360 tap on the giant C from the second lip of the Z tanks.



Pro Men
First: Shaun Murphy – $2,000
Second: Tim Sullivan – $1,000
Third: Casey Willax – $500


Pro Women
First: Emma Graham – $750
Second: Maggie Leon – $500
Third: Amy Gan – $250

Amateur Men
First: Kyle Wager
Second: Casey Savage
Third: Miles Fallon

Amateur Women
FIrst: Krista Yergeau

Best Trick
Male: Herman Neal – $250
Female: Emma Graham – $250

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