How to GoViral


Step 1. Rent a snowboard.

Step 2. Turn on your GoPro

Step 3. Let it run for 12 minutes until you fall off a cliff.


Via Onboard’s Near Death files.


  • Walter

    Bunch a fuckin’ amateurs

  • Too G

    this kid tried to go T. Rice… you never go full T. Rice

  • R.H.

    …almost threw up watching this… what an idiot.

  • TurboJack

    ^ Not even am, barely flow.

  • catfishin

    I want 12 minutes of my life back…just cut this to him falling and save me from watching him ride like a complete moron for the first 11 minutes.

  • ThunderRoad

    GoPro: Be a Hero.
    You’re doing it wrong, Bro.

  • lurkin


  • upstatemike.


  • Bk

    He should try gettin down a regular run first.